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Partner HP Indonesia Menjaga Bisnis Anda Tetap Aman

Rapid change requires rapid adaptation and today, the IT team found themselves in the midst of events calling for this. Dealing with change is an inseparable part of life in technology, but when change happens too fast, it’s good to look around to see how other people cope. One way to overcome this is by becoming an partner HP Indonesia to apply work from home.

There is no shame in having ideas and approaches that are “not found here.” The concept of best practices and standardization is right so that NetData can share NetData knowledge across industries. There is no point in reinventing the wheel if someone else does it for us; it frees us to focus on something more valuable.

Overcome Sudden Changes By Becoming an Indonesian HP Partner

So, what basic practices can IT teams use throughout the organization to cope with this sudden change? NetData has taken the time to explore a number of examples, one of which being a partner HP Indonesia.

Remote workers work remotely. This is a kind of name. But the idea of ​​remote work is not normal for many organizations – even today. When work is physically dispersed, our digital world is brought to life. Data flows in various directions, because resources are accessed from different locations. This is not without real world implications for information security.

As 2020 becomes a year of long distance work rising to the top of the IT team’s agenda, what new threats – digital and physical – must be remembered? If knowledge is power, where can you go for useful learning resources?

The European cybersecurity agency (ENISA) has provided recommendations for organizations that embrace remote work as a result of the current global health crisis. These basic recommendations will be familiar to experienced information security professionals, but must greatly assist IT practitioners and those who are just starting their cyber security education.

As an partner HP Indonesia, NetData is committed to technology literacy and recognizes the increasing importance of developing IT and your business.

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