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Partner HP Indonesia

HP Indonesia Partner – The world of technology has indeed developed a lot where there are many companies in the IT field creating better innovations from day to day. One of the most developed IT companies today is HP or Hewlett Packard. Indeed, we, as ordinary people, are very familiar with this HP as a brand of a laptop.

Currently, the newest product comes from Hewlett Packard Indonesia, which presents some of its advantages that rely on simplicity, availability and performance compared to its previous siblings, namely Nimble Storage and 3 Par Storage.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Primer has a system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hybrid All-Flash which is included with InfoSight support for added failure detection and avoidance.

HPE primera is a combination of technologies derived from HPE Nimble Storage and 3 Par Storage which can accelerate application operations, minimize while managing storage by up to 93%, have the capability to predict and avoid operation failures.

Best HP Indonesian Partner

After we discuss about Hewlett Packard Enterprise it is incomplete if we don’t add the latest news about HP Indonesia’s Partner products, namely in the last laptop product line launched in Indonesia.

One of the popular HP laptop lines in Indonesia is a gaming laptop from the Omen line, namely the Omen 15 2020 variant. Usually the Omen line uses a processor from AMD. as the Indonesian Consumer Personal System Category Lead for HP Inc Hansen Wijaya explained that Indonesia was the first country to launch this product in all of greater Asia.

At the next launch, HP also released the HP Omen 15 2019 and also the Pavilion gaming laptop. Even though the 2 subsequent laptops were released first. then but this time it was upgraded with some of the latest specifications.

Trusted For Business

Currently HP Indonesia’s partners are also participating in welcoming various innovations from Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2020 by eliminating compromises and taking over the decisions of both mission-critical storage together by mixing innovations originating from HPE storage. HP Indonesia, including providing a variety of privileges originating from the aspect of simplicity, availability and performance.

HP or commonly known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest information technology companies in the world. Built by David Hewlett and Billy Packard, the company is based in Palo Alto, California – United States. HP generally does business in the fields of computing, printing, digital images and also sells some software and other services. Some excellent products include computer hardware such as monitors, keyboards, mice and even motherboards. In the field of communication, especially the internet also recently has Aruba which provides a variety of routers and switches. For now it seems like looking for an partner HP Jakarta is quite a lot, however, NetData has advantages for those of you who are looking for HP products to install an internet connection.

Aruba, which was recently acquired by HP in 2015, is known to have a good product for wireless connections. Aruba has a focus on wireless providers for campus and branch networks such as in companies or organizations that need it.

Also recently HP Aruba launched their new product which is expected for the middle class and MSME market. The product named Aruba Instant On Portable Wifi is expected to be able to meet the needs of MSME entrepreneurs.

Success with HP Indonesia NetData Partner

If you want to buy or use partner HP Jakarta services, you can contact NetData. NetData has a fairly good reputation in terms of IT technology procurement. NetData is now also the most advanced company in providing the best IT service solutions in Indonesia.

The focus of NetData services to its customers is the key to NetData’s success as a company that provides HP products in Indonesia.

NetData Partner Mission

As the originator of partner HP Jakarta NetData has a mission to provide the best technology-based services and do it with hospitality, reliability and detail. NetData IT solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting edge technology. With the best quality and consistency, we provide effective solutions for clients, making technology an asset for them.

Rapid change requires rapid adaptation and today, the IT team found themselves in the midst of events calling for this. Dealing with change is an inseparable part of life in technology, but when change happens too fast, it’s good to look around to see how other people cope. One way to overcome this is by becoming an partner HP Indonesia to apply work from home.

There is no shame in having ideas and approaches that are “not found here.” The concept of best practices and standardization is right so that NetData can share NetData knowledge across industries. There is no point in reinventing the wheel if someone else does it for us; it frees us to focus on something more valuable.

Overcome Sudden Changes By Becoming an Indonesian HP Partner

So, what basic practices can IT teams use throughout the organization to cope with this sudden change? NetData has taken the time to explore a number of examples, one of which being a partner HP Indonesia.

Remote workers work remotely. This is a kind of name. But the idea of ​​remote work is not normal for many organizations – even today. When work is physically dispersed, our digital world is brought to life. Data flows in various directions, because resources are accessed from different locations. This is not without real world implications for information security.

As 2020 becomes a year of long distance work rising to the top of the IT team’s agenda, what new threats – digital and physical – must be remembered? If knowledge is power, where can you go for useful learning resources?

The European cybersecurity agency (ENISA) has provided recommendations for organizations that embrace remote work as a result of the current global health crisis. These basic recommendations will be familiar to experienced information security professionals, but must greatly assist IT practitioners and those who are just starting their cyber security education.

As an partner HP Indonesia, NetData is committed to technology literacy and recognizes the increasing importance of developing IT and your business.

Internet for everything. At this time, a lot of software or hardware that has worked by relying on IoT. This has an impact on the development of technology which will further increase the level of progress of human life. Infrastructure, applications and security solutions that put IoT into action, create new experiences and drive smarter operations of data captured at Intelligent Edge.

More efficient with IoT, rapid device expansion creates opportunities for faster insights by connecting the unconnected. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions HP Enterprise offers partner of HP Indonesia new ways to drive efficiency, engage partners, and develop new businesses with broader insights at Intelligent Edge.

HP E IoT Innovation Lab Success Stories Make You Next

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the grand opening of the HPE American IoT Innovation Lab in Houston, Texas. The center, together with its sister APJ facility in Singapore and two new laboratories that will be online in Geneva and Bangalore in the coming months, functions as a collaborative environment where customers, HPE and partners can develop, test and assist in the deployment of advanced IoT and edge solutions.

Collaborative innovation is the core of what is happening in the IoT Innovation Lab, with the ultimate goal of discovery and innovative products and solutions that deliver material business results. Very profitable right? That is why you must become a partner of HP Indonesia for the need for more sophisticated and reliable technology advancements.

Turning IoT Data Into Insight Partner Of HP Indonesia

Increase production time and reduce operational risk. The Internet of Things for the industry allows you to collect and analyze data from connected assets, people and places to provide actionable insights in the industrial environment.

  • Connect new and existing devices

Connect devices across multiple protocols and standards, combine data streams, and optimize data obtained for relevance and context.

  • Protect your device and data

Implement stringent security standards to protect data while idling and moving, implementing detailed access controls, and monitoring harmful behavior.

  • Get experienced insight

Take action to improve customer response, restore poorly performing processes, and develop new business opportunities.

  • Digital transformation through IoT solutions

Find ways to improve industrial operations, increase company workspaces, and connect devices across a wide area.

Very profitable right? Therefore, join to become a partner of HP Indonesia and get its many advantages!

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.


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