Now It’s Time to Switch to the Next Generation Network with Cisco Indonesia Partners

Sekarang Saatnya Beralih ke Jaringan Generasi Selanjutnya

Little is debated the business value of digital transformation. Creating extraordinary experiences that win the hearts and minds of customers is the key to achieving sustainable excellence. Employees also expect exceptional technological experience at work. The advent of cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) gives businesses a new way to create this experience, drive new efficiencies, and gain digital control over the physical world.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for an all-cloud, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage infrastructure with company visibility to quickly resolve network problems before impacting on the user experience. NetData as a partner of Cisco Indonesia can be relied upon to buy a variety of the latest devices that are faster, more efficient, and proven to support good quality work.

Cloud-Native by Design for Full Programmability and Automation

Traditional networks are manually configured and managed, adding days or weeks of delay to what should have been a fast-moving digital initiative. In fact, 70% of the network configuration is done manually.

The emergence of NetData as partner of Cisco Indonesia that provides automated networks that are safer and more efficient. The original cloud network operating system built on a micro-service architecture to deliver the program capabilities, agility, and process resilience needed in an always-on digital world.

IT operators spend 70% of their time identifying and diagnosing problems. Armed with only limited visibility across the entire network, operators are usually in reactive mode when problems arise, leading to longer service interruptions and frustrating customers and employees.

Cisco began closing this visibility gap with the introduction of the Cisco Network Analytics Engine (NAE) on various switches. An on-box application powered by AOS-CX, NAE allows network operators to natively capture rich telemetry on each CX switch used in the network, in addition to retrieving information from neighboring infrastructure devices.

Now NetData as a partner of Cisco Indonesia has expanded its Cisco technology to benefit from analytics across the network in real time. So, instead of fragmented visibility, network operators can capture actionable insights from anywhere on the network to detect and resolve network problems and users that have the most annoying impact. Switch to the latest network to be more effective and efficient.

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