Get to know IT Outsourcing, How It Works and Important Services

IT Outsourcing

Maybe now there are a lot of multinational companies that cooperate with other companies that provide a service to be able to support the running of the company. Usually, it is called outsourcing. In the world of IT, this outsourcing can also be a service that can advance the running of the company. not only multinational companies, even now even companies of the MSME class can take advantage of IT outsourcing.

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However, most of them still don’t know the meaning of IT outsourcing itself. Even though the practice is indeed legal in Indonesia, for a complex business scale this is indeed a question that not many people know the answer to.

Definition of IT Outsourcing

Before we discuss IT outsourcing in more detail, let’s know about the meaning of IT outsourcing first.

IT outsourcing is a fast growing part of the industry and a valuable solution for a wide variety of companies. Both large companies and young startups take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing for their business. This approach helps you cut costs or generate a greater competitive advantage.

So, IT outsourcing can mean that the company moves part of the software development outside the internal structure to save costs and control all processes. You are basically leaving task implementation to partners and overseeing things.

How IT Outsourcing Works

Understanding how IT outsourcing works might be very easy if you imagine how the collaboration between the company that hires IT outsourcing services and the service provider itself works.

So like this, the biggest advantage of outsourcing is saving time and costs. Personal computer manufacturers may purchase internal components for their machines from other companies to save on manufacturing costs. A law firm can store and back up its files using a cloud-computing service provider, giving it access to digital technology without investing large amounts of money to actually own the technology.

A small company might decide to outsource bookkeeping duties to an accounting firm, since doing so may be less expensive than retaining an internal accountant. Other companies can even take advantage of this outsourced IT function related to human resources, such as payroll and health insurance. When used properly, these services are an effective strategy for reducing costs, and can even provide a business with a competitive advantage over competitors.

IT Outsourcing Services That Can Support Business

Actually, this service provides a lot of services that can be selected directly according to the approval of the company wants or needs what kind of service to be able to support the effectiveness of the company. However, this is what makes some companies confused.

The reason is, they don’t know which ones are important for their company. If they don’t know about this, all existing services will be used and instead of saving expenses from the company, it will make expenses swell.

Therefore, services that are often in the interests of the company for services that support the business are as follows:

Managed Service

The first service that is very important to support business from IT outsourcing is managed service. This managed service means that you move general tasks regarding company IT such as monitoring, and various other things that can improve services so that companies are able to increase the effectiveness of their core business without thinking about issues related to IT.

This of course is a profitable thing for the company. The logic is that if you rely on services to take care of IT in the company, then it is definitely professional. Instead of you having to hire your employees to also take care of IT, it can disrupt the core work of the company and the company’s income can also be constrained.

Cloud Services

And next is the cloud service. This cloud service is indeed very important than you build your own physical server. This cloud server is very profitable because you are basically renting an existing physical server.

With a cloud service that is managed by IT outsourcing, this actually saves you time and costs. We must have agreed that building your own physical server requires a lot of costs and maintenance costs.

Network Monitoring System

The service from IT outsourcing that you need to get is a network monitoring system. With this service, you can rule out problems related to the existing network in your company.

Setting up the network is a very complicated one to be able to get the maximum data transfer speed. You or your employees may not be able to do it. Therefore, this service is a mandatory service to be able to support your company.

Third Party Maintenance

And the last is third party maintenance. This is a type of service that can be an alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty and post-warranty support. For example, you would request a third-party maintenance provider to support your IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, or Cisco equipment in a data center in lieu of OEM service.

The original warranty service sometimes doesn’t work anymore when the warranty period is up. So, to get another warranty or maintenance at an affordable cost, is to rely on it.

Trusted IT Outsourcing from NetData

It outsourcing for now in an all-digital era is a very important service or service. You need to know, not all companies that provide IT outsourcing services can provide complete IT sourcing services that are able to support your business.

If you want all the services mentioned above, NetData is a very good solution. IT outsourcing services from NetData are the most trusted because they have experience, many and proven partners, and also with affordable service prices.

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