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IPCam Installation – IPcam is a type of surveillance camera that is quite widely used both in private homes and for public areas. In fact, apart from IPcam, there are other surveillance cameras that are often used, namely CCTV.

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Actually, the working principle of these two cameras is the same, namely to record video which will be stored in the device and displayed on the monitor. But now more and more are choosing IPcams because of several factors, one of which is practical and easy to install.

So, what are the advantages of IPcam and where is the best IPCam installation service? You can visit NetData at this link.

IPCam explanation

The use of this IPcam is actually quite a lot of people who use it even though in fact this IPcam technology is still relatively new. The following is a complete explanation of what an IPcam is.

IP Cam Works By Relying On An Internet Connection

IP camera or IPcam is a type of surveillance camera that can receive and transmit data results through a computer network by utilizing the internet network. IPcam is a type of digital video CCTV that can be used to monitor security and transmit video recordings via the internet network.

Indeed, this IPcam sounds similar to a webcam which can both be used as a security system. This IP camera was created for the first time in 1996.

Advantages of IPCam

As for some of the advantages of the most famous IP camera is the cheap price. This IPcam device has a relatively small size compared to ordinary CCTV cameras and can be connected via a wireless network and offers a surveillance system that can monitor security at any time.

If you look at the IPcam installation, it’s very easy because there are almost no cables running around, unlike analog CCTV cameras. This IPcam is able to monitor everything in front of it and send it directly via the internet and to your e-mail. This IPcam is also embedded with smart camera technology that is able to detect and be aware of movement in front of it and notify you via short messages or email.

In addition, this IPcam can be a remote security camera that can be monitored remotely wherever you are as long as you access the internet. How to access the IPcam is also fairly easy, namely by logging in to the camera live using an application provided by the IPcam manufacturer.

Macam-Macam IPCam

There are 2 types of IPcams on the market which are divided according to their needs, namely centralized IP cameras and decentralized IP cameras, as follows:

Centralized IP Camera

Centralized IP camera means having one central Network video recorder or video recording center called NVR to store video recording and alarm management.

Decentralized IP Camera

Then there is a decentralized IP camera that doesn’t need an NVR, because the camera already has a recording function built-in and stores it directly in the internal memory or microsd.

IPCam Parts

IPcam as a surveillance camera certainly has several important parts according to their respective functions, including: a


The lens part of the IP camera functions as an image focusr during recording. This lens is the most important part in determining the image quality of the recording results.

Image Sensor (Ccd Or Cmos)

The image sensor functions to convert light into an electrical signal. This image sensor also affects image clarity with the more pixels the better.

Image Processing and Image Compression Processor

The processor in this IP camera plays an important role in processing the results of image recording, the recorded image will be compressed so that it does not fill up the memory but does not reduce the quality at all.

Microcomputers And Ethernet

The microcomputer acts as a server to be accessed by IP cameras by users or NVR.

Input Output Ports

The input-output port is an interface for connecting the IP camera to a local or lan network. This input-output can also change and control the lens, focus, zoom, move the camera direction, and so on.

Input Audio/ Sound

In addition to recording images, the IP camera can also record sound in front of it through the microphone input and the results of storing the sound recording results on the IP camera.

How IPCam Works

This IP camera is capable of recording images in much the same way as a digital camera, and sending the results of the recording over the network. IP cameras can also be used with a wired network connected via an ethernet cable to a broadband modem or router or wirelessly via a modem or router.

You can choose the type of IPcam that provides WiFi features or only an ethernet cable that you can adjust to your needs.

Netdata As IPCam Installation Service Solution

After you understand what an IPcam is from the reviews above and are interested in installing an Ipcam, don’t worry because currently there are the best IPcam installation services from NetData.

NetData is an IT company that offers a variety of IT-related solutions, including surveillance camera installation solutions such as IPcam installation services. Why choose NetData? NetData has many advantages over other IPcam installation services, including:

Cost Efficient Solutions For Supervision

NetData offers surveillance camera solutions to increase security in your home or office. The price for IPcam installation services is quite affordable, making it suitable for small or medium businesses. The price offered will always remain as at the beginning of the agreement.

Experienced in IPCam World

Are you still unsure about looking for an unprofessional IPcam installation service? About, NetData is a company that offers experienced IPcam installation service solutions and has many satisfied clients.

NetData will understand your needs and provide the most suitable solution for you.

IPCam Installation With Professional Technicians

IP camera installation will be handled directly by experienced professional technicians. Starting from the initial installation of the IP camera until the final configuration will be carried out in accordance with standard operating procedures.

IP camera installation is guaranteed to be neat and secure according to the client’s request. So you don’t need to worry anymore that installing this IPcam will eliminate the aesthetics of your room, home or office.

Provide Quality IPCam devices

NetData provides IPcam installation services for indoor and outdoor with the best devices for consumer satisfaction. NetData offers a wide selection of well-known and quality IPcam brands.

Each selected product will receive an installation warranty and warranty to replace problematic devices for consumer satisfaction.

Reaching Installations All Over Indonesia

NetData covers IPcam installations in all cities in Indonesia. All you have to do is contact NetData customer service at this link or in the contact form on this link to get information about the availability of IPcam installation services in your city.

If you are interested in our service offerings, please contact us via this link or you can also use our contact form here.


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