Why Internet Exchange Is Important For Cross-Border Data Exchange

Internet exchange

Judging from the development of internet technology in Indonesia is indeed increasingly advanced. This is also supported by the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia. So from that internet exchange makes everything easier because there is no need to create servers abroad anymore, so what is internet exchange? And what are its uses? Let’s look at the following explanation.

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What is an Internet Exchange Point

These internet exchange points are one of the things known as physical network access points that major network providers use to connect their networks by exchanging data traffic in cyberspace. The focus of this IXP itmaa is to establish network connections via exchange access points and third party networks.

This IXP can reduce the burden of network traffic from internet service providers by using upstream providers. Internet exchange point will provide a place to exchange internet traffic. Where the exchange point will usually be in the same city so as to avoid latency.

The definition of IXP above concludes that IXP can be profitable for users who frequently use internet services. IXP can increase internet speed all over the world.

Benefits of Internet Exchanges

Internet Exchange Point has many benefits for internet users in the world, with IXP, the internet feels much easier and you can access the internet anywhere. The following are some of the other benefits of IXP:

Internet access abroad is easier

Before the existence of the IXP, it was very difficult to find information on the internet abroad. So that we need the help of a third party to take care of the internet network so that it can be enjoyed while abroad. This IXP is present in the cost of internet access abroad, now it can be cheaper, it can even be free of charge.

Reduce network route distance

IXP can shorten network distances to facilitate the exchange of internet traffic. This convenience can also shorten data access points. Significantly, there are shorter network route distances, better resource management and easier routing.

Large bandwidth, internet remains smooth

if you use the internet continuously, then the bandwidth capacity will be greater than the internet which is rarely used. The benefit of IXP is to deal with these problems so that IXP becomes a solution for internet users.

As for some applications or websites on the internet to require large bandwidth. Such as video streaming, video calls, playing games, sending files, and so on.

Types of Internet Exchanges

In most cases that occur, internet exchange points that are run and managed by a group of parties benefit from the existence of this IXP. While some internet exchange points are commercial, some are for business purposes. However, the key point of its use and management of internet exchange points is neutrality.

Which there are five categories of types of internet exchange based on objectives and according to management, namely:

  • Internet Exchange Points managed by business companies.
  • Internet Exchange Points are managed by both formal institutions and internet service providers.
  • Commercial company.
  • Internet Exchange Points provided by colocation providers such as NeuCentrIX.

How Internet Exchanges Work

IXP which is one or more physical locations that contain network switches that route traffic between different member networks. There are several methods by which these networks share the cost of maintaining the physical infrastructure and related services.

Similar to how fees arise when shipping cargo through third party locations such as through the Panama Canal, when traffic is transferred through a different network, sometimes these networks then charge fees for the shipment. To avoid these costs and other drawbacks associated with sending their traffic through third-party networks, member companies access each other via IXP to reduce costs and reduce latency.

An IXP is a layer 2 LAN according to OSI networking that is constructed with one or many Ethernet switches connected together with one or more physical premises.

As for IXP, which is no different from the basic concept of a home network, one of the visible differences is the switch.

These IXPs can have a bandwidth of around 100s of Megabits/sec to as many Terabits/sec needed for traffic exchange.

Regardless of size, the main target is to ensure that multiple network routers access it cleanly and efficiently. In comparison, at home a person usually only has one router and many PCs or mobile devices.

During the last twenty years, there has been a major expansion in network interconnection, which has paralleled the massive expansion of the global Internet. This expansion includes a new data center facility that is being developed for home networking equipment. Some of these data centers already attract large amounts of network, much of it due to the rapidly growing Internet exchange points that operate within them.

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