Indonesian HP Partner: Get to know the Internet of Thing

Partner HP Indonesia

Internet for everything. At this time, a lot of software or hardware that has worked by relying on IoT. This has an impact on the development of technology which will further increase the level of progress of human life. Infrastructure, applications and security solutions that put IoT into action, create new experiences and drive smarter operations of data captured at Intelligent Edge.

More efficient with IoT, rapid device expansion creates opportunities for faster insights by connecting the unconnected. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions HP Enterprise offers partner of HP Indonesia new ways to drive efficiency, engage partners, and develop new businesses with broader insights at Intelligent Edge.

HP E IoT Innovation Lab Success Stories Make You Next

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the grand opening of the HPE American IoT Innovation Lab in Houston, Texas. The center, together with its sister APJ facility in Singapore and two new laboratories that will be online in Geneva and Bangalore in the coming months, functions as a collaborative environment where customers, HPE and partners can develop, test and assist in the deployment of advanced IoT and edge solutions.

Collaborative innovation is the core of what is happening in the IoT Innovation Lab, with the ultimate goal of discovery and innovative products and solutions that deliver material business results. Very profitable right? That is why you must become a partner of HP Indonesia for the need for more sophisticated and reliable technology advancements.

Turning IoT Data Into Insight

Increase production time and reduce operational risk. The Internet of Things for the industry allows you to collect and analyze data from connected assets, people and places to provide actionable insights in the industrial environment.

  • Connect new and existing devices

Connect devices across multiple protocols and standards, combine data streams, and optimize data obtained for relevance and context.

  • Protect your device and data

Implement stringent security standards to protect data while idling and moving, implementing detailed access controls, and monitoring harmful behavior.

  • Get experienced insight

Take action to improve customer response, restore poorly performing processes, and develop new business opportunities.

  • Digital transformation through IoT solutions

Find ways to improve industrial operations, increase company workspaces, and connect devices across a wide area.

Very profitable right? Therefore, join to become a partner of HP Indonesia and get its many advantages!

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