How to Set VLAN in Cisco Packet Tracer Complete!

Cara Setting VLAN di Cisco Packet Tracer

How to Set VLAN in Cisco Packet Tracer – There are quite a lot of VLAN settings on the Cisco packet tracer on the internet, especially for those of you who want to know how to configure it in Cisco’s packet tracer. However, NetData will review it in a simple and easy to understand way. Check out the explanation 🙂

What is Cisco Packet Tracer

What is Cisco Packet Tracer, Cisco packet tracer is a simulation application that can be used to create VLANs on the same network switch.

VLAN itself is a Virtual Local Area Network that is able to provide a virtual network simulation, with this software we can seem to create a different network in one switch device.

Cisco Packet Tracer Functions

Cisco packet tracer functions include :


In contrast to LANs, this VLAN has the advantage of being able to reduce network traffic and collisions and is more cost-effective.

In addition, VLANs are also able to provide additional security and can avoid infecting the entire network.

Cost reduction

VLANs are suitable for small businesses that only use one switch.

Better performance

VLANs are able to work very well by separating large broadcast domains into smaller ones.

IT staff efficiency improvement

With VLAN will provide more free time for IT staff than monitoring traffic from network traffic.

How to Set VLAN in Cisco Packet Tracer

How to set VLAN in Cisco packet tracer is as follows :

The initial stage we need to prepare a few things such as installing Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile.

Then login can use guest for the first time. Then create a topology like this:

Do the IP address on each PC as follows PC 1 by clicking PC > desktop > IPv4 configuration > input IP address for example subnet > apply changes > close.

Then for each client PC must be configured IP as below :

  • PC 1 : ip address subnet
  • PC 2 : ip address subnet
  • PC 3 : ip address subnet
  • PC 4 : ip address subnet

Configure the switch VLAN settings in Cisco packet tracer by selecting the CLI and setting it with the following command:

Give each VLAN a name

Switch>en #enable

Switch#conf t #to start configuration

Switch(config)#vlan 2

Switch(config-vlan)#name pojokstudy1

Switch(config-vlan)#ex #exit

Switch(config)#vlan 3

Switch(config-vlan)#name pojokstudy2


To prevent VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 from being connected to each other, the network that is connected is only 1 VLAN and not to other VLANs, still on the CLI switch and continue the following CLI command :


Switch (config)#interface f0/1 #for config f0/1 (pc 1) to enter vlan 2

Switch (config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch (config-if)#switchport access vlan 2

Switch (config-if)#ex

Switch (config)#interface f20/2 #to add to vlan 2

Switch (config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch (config-if)#switchport access vlan 2

Switch (config-if)#ex


 Switch (config)#interface f0/3 #for config fa0/3 (pc 3) to enter vlan 3

Switch (config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch (config-if)#switchport access vlan 3

Switch (config-if)#ex

Switch (config)#interface f0/4 #to add to vlan 3

Switch (config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch (config-if)#switchport access vlan 3

Switch (config-if)#ex

Command to Display a list of VLANs that have been created based on their status and active ports.

Switch (config)#do show vlan

Why Choose Cisco Packet Tracer?

If asked why choose Cisco packet tracer is to facilitate learning about VLANs, cost-effective, increase the creativity of Cisco networks.


The conclusion from the above review is how to set up VLANs in Cisco packet tracer which might be able to make it even more helpful for you to use the NetData version of VLANs.

There are several things to consider using a Cisco packet tracer such as being used as a VLAN network with the same switch.


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