What are Proxy? Get to Know the Definition, Types, Functions, and How Proxy Work

How Proxies Work

How Proxy Work, maybe most of you have heard of Proxy and even understand about Proxy. Especially those who have studied or been involved in the world of computers, more specifically in the world of websites, Proxy are no stranger to hearing about.

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However, for those of you who still don’t know about how Proxy work, here we will discuss the meaning of Proxy, the types of Proxy, their functions, and how these Proxy work.

Explanation of Proxy

Proxy server is a computer system or router that functions as a relay between client and server. It helps prevent attackers from attacking private networks and is one of several tools used to build firewalls.

The word proxy means “acting on someone else’s behalf”, and a proxy server acts on behalf of a user. All requests to the internet go to the proxy server first, which evaluates the request and forwards it to the internet. Likewise, responses go back to the proxy server and then to the user.

Proxy Types

Pada pengertian tentang proxy server, proxy memiliki berbagai jenis yang setiap jenis memiliki definisi dan fungsinya tersendiri. Proxy-proxy tersebut diantaranya adalah:

  • Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxy servers allow users to browse the Web and keep their IP addresses secret and can provide encryption on the user side. Many organizations create their own anonymous proxy servers, and there are public access anonymous proxy servers on the internet that anyone can use.

  • Distorting Proxy

Next, there are distorting Proxy. What differentiates a distorting proxy from other types of Proxy is that it can change the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) header of a user’s IP. This is done to hide the user’s real IP address which helps protect their personal information while accessing the internet or during web scraping.

  • High Anonymity Proxy

These Proxy can also be called Elite Level 1 Proxy. This type of proxy can provide the highest level of anonymity. With this type of proxy, the server you connect to does not receive information about your real IP address. In fact, it can’t even detect that the connection is through a proxy.

  • Transparent Proxy

And the last one is transparent proxy. Also known as an inline proxy, intercept proxy or forced proxy, is a server that intercepts the connection between an end user or device and the internet. It is called “transparent” because it does so without changing the request and response.

Advantages of Proxy and Their Functions

Proxy have advantages in their main function that is used for their users. Following are some of the uses of Proxy for the internet:

Controlling Children’s Internet Use

Parents can limit internet use to their children by using a proxy server to access certain websites through their devices so they can use a healthier internet.

Lighten Bandwidth

Users can get bandwidth and a more stable internet connection by using a proxy server. This proxy server can be used to store web caches, namely to store copies of websites locally, especially for websites that are visited most often.

Provides Additional Protection

The use of a proxy both for individuals and for business needs can also provide additional protection benefits that are safer when browsing the internet.

However, companies or agencies or systems that guarantee data security are urgently needed so that sensitive data is not leaked to competitors or other countries.

Accessing Blocked Websites

Proxy servers which users use can open websites that are blocked by the government. Then the request is sent using a proxy that passes through the proxy server and not the ISP server that is managed by the government.

How Proxy Work

Proxy servers basically exist on local computers and internet networks. Which without a proxy server, information from your computer will be forwarded through the ISP internet service provider’s router first, which is forwarded to the site server you want to visit.

When you access a website, your request will be sent to a proxy server to be processed. Then the data request that you want to sell will be forwarded to the intended website. So that way, which website can see the IP address of the proxy server, not your IP address.

Proxy at a glance are similar to VPNs, the difference is that VPNs secure all network traffic, while Proxy only work for applications. Both can hide your IP address but a VPN can divert internet data through an encrypted tunnel. Proxy are suitable for browsing the internet but VPNs are much more secure.

How to Proxy Settings

To implement or set up a proxy in a web browser or via computer and smartphone settings, you can follow the following proxy settings:

How to Proxy Settings on Windows & Mac

Computers with Windows OS, you can find settings in the Network and Internet section. In which you can proceed by selecting the proxy settings and entering the required proxy server IP address.

If for MAC OS, then you select the Apple menu then enter System Preferences, click Network, then select a network service in the list on the left, click Advanced then select Proxy.

How to Proxy Settings on Smartphones

For What is a Proxy and how to set up a proxy on a smartphone which is done by accessing WiFi settings or connecting to WiFi or APN settings if using mobile data. Which in each section, which includes information such as the proxy server port or IP address that you want to use.

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