Fortinet Indonesia’s Andil Partners in Improving the Economy

Partner Fortinet Indonesia

Partner Fortinet Indonesia – a while ago Fortinet held the first awarding night for its partners with the theme Partner Connection Night. This activity was held in order to appreciate the contributions made by partners and distributors who work together by Fortinet Indonesia.

If you look at some of Fortinet’s innovations, reliable cyber security solutions are also increasingly in demand by many companies not only in the Indonesian market either by organizations, institutions, government agencies or other business actors. So from the business side, Fortinet is able to achieve achievements that are forever increasing significantly. However, this achievement is also inseparable from the support of partners and distributors who have helped Fortinet’s business growth so that it can continue to grow forever.

In this award event Fortinet Indonesia is divided into 15 categories of winners, where the winners are selected by the internal team of Fortinet Indonesia. The first category is “Product Manager Excellence Award 2018” together with Winner (winner), Mario Maradona from PT. Tech Data Advance Solutions Indonesia. Second category “Security Consultant Excellence Award 2018”, Winner: Charles – PT. Tech Data Advance Solutions Indonesia. Third, “Sales Excellence Award 2018”, Winner: Novy Sandjaja – PT. Infocom Solution Partners. Fourth, “Security Consultant Excellence Award 2018”, Winner: Johan Setiawan – PT. Packet Systems Indonesia.

Best Fortinet Indonesia Partner

There are a wide variety of products and features designed to support high performance against a variety of cyber security threats. Fortinet security solutions integrate the widest range of features in security technology, including firewall prevention, VPN, antivirus, intrusion (IPS), application control, site filtering, anti-spam, wireless controllers, and WAN accelerators, all of which can be used individually to complement existing solutions. or combined for a comprehensive threat management solution.

Trusted partner of Fortinet Indonesia

One of its flagship solutions, the Fortinet Security Fabric, delivers uncompromising security features to tackle the most critical security challenges, whether in network, application, cloud or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks # 1 in the world’s most shipped security equipment and more than 350,000 customers trust Fortinet to care for their business. (AC).

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