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The Fastest Internet in the World – The Fastest Internet in the World Lately, it’s often been talked about about the fastest internet or internet with 5G speed. In Indonesia alone, many cellular networks already use this connection. This fast connection makes any activity on the internet very fast. Is Indonesia a country that has a fast internet connection? How does it compare to other countries?

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In fact, this is often the subject of much discussion, if abroad, for example in various developed countries, the internet connection is faster than in Indonesia. However, we will never know how the order of the fastest internet in the world actually is, right? Let’s discuss some of the countries with the fastest internet, including comparisons in Indonesia.

Discussing What is the Internet

Discussing about internet speed, of course, you have to discuss what exactly is internet? The Internet is a wider network that allows a worldwide network of computers run by corporations, governments, universities and other organizations to talk to each other. The result is a collection of cables, computers, data centers, routers, servers, repeaters, satellites, and wifi towers that allow digital information to travel around the world.

It’s that infrastructure that lets you order food online, share your life on Twitter, stream videos on Youtube, send emails to apply for jobs and search the web for the countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world.

A Brief History of the Internet

The internet was not created just like that, there is a series of history so that the internet is now a necessity, one might even say a primary need. The origins of the internet have their roots in the United States in the 1950s. The Cold War reached its peak and major tensions occurred between North America and the Soviet Union. Both superpowers have deadly nuclear weapons, and people live in fear of long-range surprise attacks. The US realized that they needed a communications system that would not be affected by a Soviet nuclear attack.

At the time, computers were large, expensive machines used exclusively by military scientists and university staff.

Nobody invented the internet. When network technology was first developed, a number of scientists and engineers combined their research to create the ARPANET.

Internet use

The internet is a very important need for many people, even the internet can be said to be the primary need for most people to communicate, work, and there are many other things including looking for entertainment.

Other uses of the internet are as follows:

Information Access

It is undeniable that the internet is a vast information lading. You can get any information on the internet with just one click. The magic of the internet is what makes the internet so popular.

You can search for information in real time on the internet either from social media or from news sites that always update information.

Exchange Resources

According to Ned Shell, the internet is a corridor for various types of resources and each of these resources is accessed through different devices.

Communication System

Do you use social media? Of course you need internet right? Or contact your colleagues outside the city using Whatsapp? The Internet is a very reliable communication system.

The Internet provides many effective communication tools, including email, mailing lists, discussion groups, chat services, web conferencing, blogs, and RSS feeds. In recent years, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have also joined.

Convenience in Shopping

People not only use the internet to research products and services they also use it to purchase the products and services they are interested in. Almost anything can be purchased online, from smaller items such as toiletries to larger items such as furniture.

Entertainment facility

One of the best benefits of using the internet for entertainment is definitely its low price. You may already have paid for an internet connection at home to ensure you have email and social media access. From there, you can discover and enjoy tons of content on the internet from your phone, TV or computer.

Internet speed

What makes the internet speed so fast? A good download speed of at least 100 Mbps, and a good upload speed of at least 10 Mbps. With 100 Mbps, you can watch Netflix or YouTube, attend Zoom meetings, and play most online games on multiple devices simultaneously.

Some people can get away with fewer Mbps, and others need more. If 100 Mbps doesn’t seem right for you, maybe your internet usage for the needs of a household of 2 or 3 people is sufficient and quite fast.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed

To get a fast internet speed, of course there are several factors that affect nausea from the ISP factor, the hardware used, the signal, and many more that influence it.

The following is a more complete explanation of what factors can affect internet speed.

Modem Or Network Device

The modem used may be old, and other network devices that are not updated can greatly affect internet speed. Modem with an old series and maybe with low specifications greatly affects the quality of the internet network.

Make sure your network devices are updated as most innovations and improvements improve efficiency. With the upgraded equipment, you will enjoy better internet quality and speed.

Computer Unit

Generally, you access the internet through various devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Unbeknownst to many, the ‘standard’ of your equipment affects internet speed. If your laptop uses old technology, you may find it difficult to enjoy reliable internet. The components that usually affect speed are the Network Interface Card and the adapter.

Big Bandwidth

Bandwidth is measured by how much data can be moved between two points in a network. Bandwidth is the maximum Mbps transfer rate of your network or internet connection, and naturally affects how fast your internet is.

Communication Network Used

Connection speed in mobile networks depends, in particular, on the network technology available in the area and the features of the user’s terminal device:

  • The 5G network allows connections that have higher speeds and with good conditions.
  • The 4G network allows for high-speed connections under suitable circumstances.
  • 3G network can be used in a wider area but the maximum speed is lower.
  • The GSM network is the most extensive network but the data transfer speed is very limited.

Number of Users Using the Internet Simultaneously

The number of internet users will affect the speed and quality of your internet in various ways.

First, there are certain times during the day when most of the population in your area is using the internet. This usually occurs during business hours, but you can also experience unstable internet at night.

You usually experience slow internet if those in your area use the same internet provider as you. Consider using the internet during off-peak hours.

Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

The following is a list of 10 countries with the fastest internet in the world, and the most astonishing number one is Jersey, which is a small country but with very fast internet speeds.

Order Country Average download speed (Mbps)
1 Jersey 274.27
2 Liechtenstein 211.26
3 Iceland 191.83
4 Andorra 164.66
5 Gibraltar 151.34
6 Monaco 144.29
7 Macao SAR 128.56
8 Luxembourg 107.94
9 Netherlands 107.3
10 Hungary 104.07

Internet in Indonesia

How about Indonesia? Does our beloved country have good internet speed? Before that, let’s first learn how the internet can enter Indonesia and how.

The following is an explanation of the history of the internet in Indonesia.

History of the Internet in Indonesia

Actually, the internet began to exist in the world since the 1990s, but Indonesian people only experienced the internet at the very beginning of 2000.

Initially the internet was just a technology that connected one PC to another PC. Quoting Kompas, the first internet connection in Indonesia was run by Joseph Luhukay in 1983.

He developed the UINet (University of Indonesia Network) network at the University of Indonesia campus. Indonesia itself is listed as the first Asian country to open a joint global internet network.

At that time, UINet, which was developed by Luhukay, officially opened a joint global Internet network, which at that time was still called UUNet. Quoting the official web site of STEI ITB, based on ARIN and APNIC whois records, the first Internet protocol (IP) originating from Indonesia, UI-NETLAB (192.41.206/24) was registered by the University of Indonesia on 24 June 1988.

RMS Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Firman Siregar, Adi Indrayanto, and Onno W. Purbo are some of the early legendary names of internet development in Indonesia from 1992 to 1994.

In 1995, through the Telecommunications Postal Department, the Indonesian government issued permits for ISPs which were granted to IndoNet led by Sanjaya and Radnet led by BRM, Roy Rahajasa Yamin.

Several bulletin board systems (BBS) in Indonesia, such as Clarissa, provide Telnet access services abroad. By using the Lynx remote browser in the US, internet users in Indonesia can take advantage of HTTP access.

Internet Speed in Indonesia

Does the internet in Indonesia include internet speed with a fast average download? Compared to the 10 countries, according to Visual Capitalist, Indonesia is ranked 135th out of all countries for internet speed. Internet in Indonesia only averages 9.58 Mbps.

Order Country Average download speed (Mbps)
131 El Salvador 9.95
132 Sri Lanka 9.95
133 Guatemala 9.85
134 Nicaragua 9.75
135 Indonesia 9.58
136 Cote D’Ivoire 9.54
137 Fiji 9.4
138 Guyana 9.26
139 Ghana 9.23
140 Anguilla 9

Reasons for Indonesia’s Internet being Slow Compared to Other Countries

Why is the internet in Indonesia slower compared to other countries? Of course there are several factors that influence it. As previously insinuated, internet speed is affected by the number of users. In Indonesia itself, the internet network is inadequate but it is very popular for people who buy smartphones, even one person can have 2 or more devices. This causes the internet in Indonesia to be quite slow.

There are several other factors that influence it, including:

  • Indonesian geographical conditions
  • Inefficient data size
  • Limited fiber optic cable connection
  • Inadequate infrastructure

However, it is not impossible that Indonesia will continue to develop to create fast and stable internet.

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