Get to know F5 Network Firewall, a system for network security

F5 Network Firewall

F5 Network Firewall – The rapid development of technology allows us to access the internet anywhere. However, you should be careful when surfing the internet.

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You must already know that personal data is a privacy that we must protect. Leaked personal data can be misused by irresponsible parties. Unknowingly your personal data can be leaked when your gadget is connected to the internet, this is where the role of the F5 Network Firewall is needed.

So, what is a firewall and what does it do, we will discuss in this article.

Network Firewall Explanation

Firewall is a computer network security system that is able to protect computers from various attacks on the internet.

Its main task is to monitor and control all access in and out of network connections based on predefined security rules. In other words, a firewall is a wall or partition that limits between our computers and the internet network.

That was the definition of a firewall and its function in brief. Watch until the end to find out more about firewall functions.

Functions Of Network Firewalls

There are many features of a firewall that you can use to stay safe while surfing the internet. Here are some functions that are important for you to know:

  • Protect Data from Hacker Attacks

If you surf the internet a lot and never control your internet network. Then the more likely you are exposed to a cyber attack. To avoid this, you need to activate a firewall protection system to stay safe surfing the internet.

  • Able to Block Unwanted Content

Firewalls can also be used to block unwanted content. You can control what content is accessible and not via a computer.

  • For Bandwidth Monitoring

Apart from ensuring your internet network is secure, a firewall can also be used to monitor and limit the bandwidth used by the network.

  • Can Access VPN Service

Can access VPN services, the firewall also has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature that has the function to access your internal network. You also have access to open websites or content that is blocked by certain parties.

How Network Firewalls Work

A firewall is a security system on a computer and how it works is related to security itself. The workings of the firewall are as follows:

  • Perform Package Filtering

The firewall will filter any data or files that enter the computer. The filtered data will be forwarded to the requested system and unused data will be discarded.

  • Proxy Services

The firewall will retrieve information on the internet which will then be sent to the requested system. The proxy application in the firewall is responsible for checking packets on the network.

  • Carry out Stateful Inspections

The firewall will track the received packets. Received packets will be checked in the packet database. If the packet does not represent a hazard, it will be forwarded to the requesting system.

After the firewall has finished checking, it will then respond in one of three ways:

  1. Accept, meaning that the firewall gives access to traffic to pass through the network.
  2. Reject, meaning that the firewall does not allow traffic to pass through the network and will respond by displaying an “unreachable error”.
  3. Drop, meaning that the firewall refuses traffic to pass through the network without giving any response.

Products From F5 Network Firewall

Well, after understanding about firewalls and the importance of installing a firewall. Are you interested in installing a firewall? If so, we have a superior software recommendation from the F5 Network Firewall.

F5 Network Firewall’s Featured Software

The following are recommendations for superior software F5 Network Firewall:

BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

A high-performance, full-proxy network firewall designed to protect data centers from threats entering the network.

SSL Orchestrator

Maximize security with decryption, encryption and dynamic traffic management through multiple inspection tools.

Advanced WAF

A modern web application firewall that provides application layer security in traditional, virtual and cloud environments.

Access Policy Manager

A flexible, high-performance access and security solution that provides unified global access to your network.

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

Get the flexibility of application services with the program capabilities you need to manage your cloud.


Distributes DNS and user requests based on business policies, data center and cloud service conditions, user locations and application performance.


You already understand about the firewall is not it? So, a firewall is something that should not be forgotten before you access the internet. This technology ensures that you can surf the internet safely so you don’t have to worry about data theft or viruses from the internet.

Netdata provides a variety of firewall software that you can choose according to your needs. Click here for more information or via our contact form here.


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