Let’s Get to Know, What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server -The industry is one of the largest economic drivers in any country. This can also become jobs for the people of Indonesia, where currently more and more industries are developing following the times, one of which is the result of the application of digitalization.

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One of the ways that can be done to increase industrial productivity and sales is to use online digitization which can make optimization of the business platform that is owned, either through websites or applications. Through this platform all data and information can be integrated so that it can provide convenience to every user.

To be able to ensure that all applications and systems you have have maximum performance, you need to make sure the server is used. This is also because the server has the responsibility to ensure the functionality of the system. if the system has problems then one of the causes can be due to the server used. To avoid this, we need a server with optimal components for business purposes.

Apart from offering maximum resources, dedicated server services can also provide various benefits for your business. One that allows users to manage all resources thoroughly without having to share with other users.

Explanation of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is a service where the owner of the server rents it exclusively to one user. With this dedicated server, users can optimize all available resources according to business needs. Dedicated servers can also offer good convenience in full access by determining the type of OS used according to needs.

How Dedicated Servers Work

There are several things that need to be known about how the dedicated server works, including:

The OS used is Windows or Linux according to your business needs.

You can do a server login, other than that it is recommended that you can use server security by installing a firewall, updating the OS to the latest version, and also configuring web server settings

Sync your domain to the virtual private server’s IP address.

Then you can install an SSL certificate or secure socket layer to secure data transfers to your website.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

So, we will discuss what are the advantages of using this dedicated server:

Reliable and Maximum Performance, Without Noisy Neighbor Interference

As explained above, that this use can provide full performance with high capabilities on websites or applications. The performance of this dedicated server can minimize problems that may arise, such as slow connections and slow downtime.

The difference between shared hosting that uses its resources to be shared among several users in it. They are interconnected and depend on one another, so that their performance decreases. If one website experiences a high increase in traffic, a decrease occurs for all other websites in it.

There are several things that happen when the server experiences a decrease in power, namely the website can potentially crash.

Guaranteed Privacy

Security is a major factor for every business industry which is very important for the health, finance or e-commerce industries. Dedicated servers can provide security guarantees for each user because they don’t have to share resources with other users so they can avoid the activities of noisy neighbors or noisy neighbors. That way the security and server capacity can be guaranteed and can operate optimally.

Full Access and Control

This dedicated server can be fully controlled both access and control to the user. Users can install software or other applications according to the capacity of the server. So that way other users can freely manage the capacity and power distribution of the various software used.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By using a dedicated server you can save costs and time that don’t have to cost a lot to buy a server. You don’t need to pay extra for treatment that is managed directly by the service provider.

Then you just need to monitor more easily and avoid all server errors or downtime problems.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Service

As with a server that has adequate resources, the more complex the data it has. Given the cost that must be spent is also not small. So we need to know some of these things in more detail so that there are no mistakes when choosing a service, here are tips on choosing the right dedicated server service:

Service Provider Security Status

Make sure you choose a dedicated server that has these credible security features. This can be proven through various security certificates, starting from SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, to other certificates.

That way also make sure the security features from SSL-Certificate, LiteSpeed Enterprise, Support HTTP/2 & IPv6, Imunify360 Server Security, to the Firewall that is in the service.

Reliable Network Connectivity

The network has a quota that is no less important to ensure that the existing system runs smoothly. Make sure you choose a dedicated server that is equipped with unlimited bandwidth as well as a backup link feature that can improve network connections avoiding network failures or downtime.

Data Center Locations in Indonesia

NetData is a data center in Indonesia that is trusted by many industries and companies. Which data center provides data center services and dedicated servers that can be used in many big cities with more data availability services.

Flexible Payment Methods

Usually dedicated servers have a contract system, but you can use pay as you go at NetData’s data center. So you can manage the proper use of resources, without having to worry about wasting costs.

NetData is a company that provides technology-based services with the best service and quality, if you are interested in us you can contact us directly via this link or via our contact form here.


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