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Data Breach

Data breach is one form of cyber crime cases that exist in the digital era as it is today.

Where this crime is indeed almost the same as crime in the real world, this trend is crime in cyberspace that can also be detrimental.

Cases of data breach can often be the cause of long-term problems that harm users and even companies in the same class.

In the system there is the slightest security hole that can potentially harm the system which in the end will also affect your reputation.

The slightest security vulnerabilities if left unchecked will have the potential to harm the system which in the end will also affect your reputation.

In understanding the data breach, let’s look at some of the following reviews.

What is Data Breach?

What is a data breach? A data breach is an act carried out by exposing sensitive and confidential data without permission to parties who do not have access rights or authorities.

Data can be the target of data breaching, namely personal identity, username, password and payment data.

Basically, everyone who jumps into the digital/online world will have the same opportunity to experience a data breach.

From private users, companies, to the government, even the government does not deny that the data breach is available for two reasons, namely system security gaps and user behavior.

Generally, any system that does not have good security will be very easy to attack by hackers.

In the case of a data breach, the hacker managed to break into the security and spread the data in it, then sell it at a high price

Of course you’ve also heard of security breaches which are also cybercrimes, but security breaches and data breaches are two crimes with different goals.

Security is more about breaking into systems, while data breaches are more from that because the goal is to retrieve and expose data to unauthorized parties.

Meanwhile, data breaches and data leaks also have basic differences, data leaks can occur without a cyberattack because it is possible for an internal party to leak data with a specific purpose.

In addition, data leaks can also occur because weaknesses have been found that were previously available and have not been fixed.

Causes of Data Breach

The case in this case is the result of an attack by a hacker, while several types of attacks are used, namely using phishing methods, brute force, and embedding malware into the system.

Among the many methods of crime carried out by hackers, this is based on two factors, namely system security gaps and user behavior.

Weak Security System

Systems with weak security will be very dangerous even though it is not seen directly.

Firewalls, authentication, and encryption that are not strengthened will make it easier for hackers to commit data breaches.

What system is a website, if you don’t have a security layer that will not prevent you from data breaches.

For example, if you have a computer without protection, such as an antivirus or a firewall, your computer system will be very vulnerable to dangerous viruses such as malware, ransomware, and so on.

User Behavior

User behavior is also one of the causes due to lack of attention in managing information.

For example, a user in reading an important file using another device without using proper authorization.

Although it cannot spread the data in it, but because it is seen using a device that does not have authorization, it is classified as a data breach.

First private users experience this starting from visiting unsafe sites and sharing personal data.

Hackers can search all the info you enter on sites that don’t have an SSL certificate.

SSL plays a role in encrypting all information sent by the user to the server, and the server to the user.

Therefore, you have to be more careful when you can share information, especially information that is too sensitive.

Methods Used for Data Breaching

There are several types of this method, so here are some things you need to know to prevent data breaches.


Phishing is one type of method that is often used by hackers. This attack uses the victims to provide their data by way of psychological manipulation.

Phishing perpetrators act as if they are trusted people so that users can be deceived by these criminals. Usually, the perpetrators lure something tempting to the user in order to provide the data they have.

Use of illegal software

Data hackers usually also take advantage of illegal software to hack the user’s device password. This attack could allow a user’s password to be correctly guessed and sent to the perpetrator.

Indeed, taking advantage of this illegal software takes a long time to do this depending on the specifications of the computer used as well.


This malware method is also included in the data breach. Device operating systems, applications, hardware, and networks and servers that are used must have security weaknesses.

The loopholes are looking for by the perpetrators as the right place to enter malware. This malware usually contains spyware which is specifically the most common type used in data breaches without being detected at all by its users.

How to Prevent Data Breaching

So how do you prevent a data breach? The following is the proper way to prevent data breaches.

Evaluation of data security from third party software.

There’s nothing wrong with using additional anti-virus from third-party applications to increase data security on your computer.

Update security software regularly.

Every day cyber attacks are evolving, therefore you should participate in updating the security software system regularly to get the latest security.

Develop a responsive plan for data breaches.

Who would have thought that tomorrow your data will still be safe, so it’s better for you to make a responsive plan in the event of a data breach on your server such as data backup.

Encrypt and backup data regularly.

By way of encryption and data backup will be more secure and not just anyone can access it carelessly.

Create strong passwords.

Access rights with complex and strong passwords will increase the security of your server to be hacked.

Limit access to the most valuable data.

For a company class, you must have important data stored on a special server that has limited access.


That’s our discussion about data breach which tells us that the importance of security system in our computer system. If you want to know topics about technology and IT you can see articles from NetData on nds.id.


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