Pernah Dengar Colocation Server dan Dedicated Server? Ini Bedanya

Colocation Server

Colocation server and Dedication server are 2 types of servers that are growing until now. The technology of these two servers is accompanied by increasing network security standards which are very high for various information support media needs, namely in terms of servers.

In this article, we will discuss further about what colocation server and dedicated servers are, what are the differences, and what are the advantages of each of these servers.

Server Colocation History

Talking about the history of server colocation, we must know the meaning of this colocation abbreviation. Colocation is also known as co-location or colo which is often abbreviated as a simple concept.

The creation of this colocation server is based on the company’s need to have a server but do not have a place to make its own server. Instead of the company building a special room for servers that requires a lot of costs and not a few resources.

Using the concept of server colocation, companies that do not have servers can rent server storage units belonging to other companies. Usually the company that provides the server space will provide space that is already equipped with server racks that are ready to be used for individual servers, as well as other companies.

History of Dedicated Servers

The history of dedicated servers itself begins with the anxiety that arose from companies that needed a server but did not have a large amount of money to prepare all the server infrastructure development needs.

Therefore, IT companies use this opportunity to provide a special server rental service for other companies.

All server equipment and server infrastructure have been prepared by a dedicated server service provider so that other companies just need to use it with a subscription system.

There are several types of dedicated servers that you can rent, such as:


In shared hosting services, websites belonging to other people will be placed on the same server as other sites with numbers up to hundreds or even thousands.

Servers used by shared hosting usually have the same resources as other hosting users. So that all domains will take turns in the process, both CPU and RAM usage.

Indeed, shared hosting costs are very affordable, so shared hosting is the best choice for entry-level hosting.


Virtual private server hosting shares servers with virtual servers, but each website host is their own dedicated server, but actually they share the server with different users.

Each user has root access to their own virtual space so the hosting environment will be more secure and secure. VPS is a web hosting service option that requires more control at the server level which you can use if you don’t want to use the dedicated server option.


This dedicated hosting or dedicated server offers server services with maximum control over the web server, the website that you use, exclusively rents the entire server.

Your website is the only website on that server. However, the drawback of this dedicated server is that it is very expensive. So this dedicated server is designed for those of you who want to get the best server performance, and maximum control for smooth business.

Difference between Colocation Server and Dedicated Server

From the explanation of the two types of servers above, of course, there are quite significant differences. So in the following, we will provide information about the difference between a colocation server and a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is a server service that is designed for companies that require large server data space.

A large company usually has visits and large amounts of data so it will require a special server.

As the name suggests, this colocation server offers full control over the existing servers. For example, the use of a control panel that selects the operating system used, regulates the size of the bandwidth used, and much more.

Server Colocation

This colocation server is a server storage area or commonly referred to as a data center or collocation.

  • There are several reasons why servers should be stored in a datacenter, including:
  • Can avoid various things that can hamper the system.
  • Avoid interference that can damage the data on the server.
  • Some problems that arise in the server such as unstable power supply, unstable internet access and the existence of a high level of security.

6 Reasons Why Choose Colocation Server

As a colocation server customer, I will say a few reasons why you are highly recommended to choose this colocation server. So, here are some pictures related to the colocation of the server.


Hosting providers definitely have the necessary precautions to make sure your data is available at all times.

There is an emergency service available. If the electricity goes out, the server provider will provide additional batteries or generators to keep supplying electricity.

This hosting provider also has additional arrangements with backup energy suppliers for redundant energy connections to other building locations. Excessive internet connection.

Business Continuity

The data center is owned by the hosting provider or colocation server, data to protect against natural disasters such as floods, fires, landslides, and so on.

As well as air conditioners whose temperature is in the data center and a cooling system to prevent the air temperature in the room from becoming too hot.

If your server is located far away, it will be easier to do a back-down scenario for an emergency situation this will make it easier for your staff to keep working from a temporary location in the event of a natural disaster.


Security is very important in a data server. Which is a colocation data center that has several different types of security. As for security, such as limiting access, protecting against physical attacks, and preventing intruders from entering the server.

Each colocation server room is usually equipped with CCTV or surveillance cameras that are on guard 24 hours non-stop, monitoring alarms, access with RFID cards, cabinets with special locks, perimeter electric fences, and much more.

Costs of Data Center Operations

Colocation servers can set up and maintain location availability, security, continuity, and scalability more affordable than you would setting up your own server.

so you will be more efficient in spending without the need to create or build your own infrastructure or recruit your own IT staff.

IT management

Colocation servers lower TCO or Total Cost of Ownership compared to on-premises hosting.

If it includes lower costs for IT management. So that IT employees will have more time to concentrate on company-specific tasks, innovation, and achieving business goals.

Service and Support

Usually, companies that choose colocation servers use their own technicians who send them to the data center as maintenance or in an emergency.

That large companies usually choose a certain level of redundancy that is built into the infrastructure. So that technicians do not need to come to the data center to make repairs if something goes wrong.

Usually, if your business has stable needs, then colocation servers are a better choice than on-site hosting, if in terms of cost or resource allocation it is the best. If you take the technically managed colo option, this service provider will help with server management according to your needs.


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