How Does the Cloud Computing System Work?

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The work system of cloud computing is one of the advances in network technology used by business people in today’s modern times. Talking about cloud computing is indeed related to cyber security which is needed to balance business processes to provide solutions in identifying and managing risks properly on an ongoing basis.

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Security in the business environment is very much needed and becomes a fundamental functional and non-functional requirement so that it has limitations in problems that cannot be overcome in an operating system.

Failure to secure can result in a number of things such as delays, financial loss, and damaged brand equity in the marketplace. This is why it requires enterprise best practices from the start when performing cloud migrations backed by strong capabilities and in real time to plan, investigate, and respond to all security incidents.

Conventional companies usually offer a manageable and dynamic IT environment that is always changing with new weaknesses. But even so, a good security system that is implemented can always help keep the business going.

Judging from the data that was released some time ago, there are 75% of companies that are concerned about the security of the company’s assets, data and cloud systems. there are various violations that could potentially cost their business a very large amount. This is because it does not prioritize detecting, preventing and resolving incidents as effectively and as quickly as possible.

So this is where the cloud system comes into play, where cloud services are always growing and fast. However, on the other hand, the cloud can also be vulnerable if users are not quick to respond to existing changes and developments. SMBs and their security development teams are constantly abreast of changes and threats to knowledge security are increasing.

IT experts have also observed that data is very often duplicated into a Cloud environment that is not sufficiently protected or even unattended. It’s only natural that developers rush to fix problems because the pressure to keep the business running is high.

Even so, can the uniqueness of this system be used as a solution to solving today’s modern cybersecurity problems? and how can IT staff maximize the uniqueness of this cloud? let’s clarify in the following article.

Cloud System Plans That Must Be Prepared

In using a Cloud Computing System work , you need to plan various preparations to ensure that responses can be automated and managed effectively. There are three things that must be considered in implementing the cloud.

Namely governance that can ensure regulatory compliance, system visibility, data, and the last is a cloud position that allows all roles and stakeholders in an organization to play an active role in any incident response plan.

According to McKinsey stated that the idea was to reduce the complexity of implementation, deployment, and maintenance with components that are increasingly being used on cloud platforms. With a cloud system, there is no installation or installation of any hardware, because everything is integrated and managed through a central console.

Fast Investigation And Response

Cloud service providers mostly use proprietary information that can be used to assess evidence, acquisition, and checks during incident response. Faster work process, experts usually only access existing log files for analysis.

Systems usually provide valuable, protected information that is always out of reach of attackers, especially if these cloud processes or vehicles are attacked and compromised. It records and tracks the attacker’s digital footprint, forensics, attack timeline, and which processes were targeted.

All major Cloud service providers offer such logging capabilities, some in a pay-per-service type, while others offer services for free. Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, offers several logging capabilities, including audit logging, security monitoring, and application monitoring. Monitoring leads to action.


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