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Partner Cisco Jakarta – In mid-2020, there are currently many financial services companies that have experienced considerable adaptation in the face of successive disruptions to economic conditions, operations and customer behavior.

According to a survey by Arizent, 88% of US financial services employees were discharged for work after the national emergency was declared on March 13, 2020. Many companies offering global financial services have faced the same situation and responded to the same. The subsequent pace and scale at which ‘work from home’ is more disruptive to financial IT firms than the distraction it causes.

It is surprising that 85% of the companies surveyed rated that the responsiveness of their companies met or exceeded expectations. Whereas companies in the IT field create a new work environment and allow it to return to the workplace presents new challenges that are uniquely IT qualified to tackle.

With a renewed appreciation of the agility of IT companies, many financial institutions are planning to accelerate transformation initiatives to become more competitive in an increasingly dynamic environment. Partner Cisco Jakarta will examine how today’s industry dynamics are redefining ‘business resilience’ capabilities and why these new capabilities are invaluable assets for financial services in uncertain economic times.

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Every consumer wants better convenience and personalization, especially on digital channels that have driven the transformation of financial services in recent years. And also in the financial services workplace being modernized to be more operationally efficient and attractive to the next generation of financial services professionals.

While steady progress has been made, the scale of the unpredictable disruption has accelerated the environment of future states with a lasting influence on consumer behavior and business operations. There are many new questions to be answered.

Are new digital capabilities and reduced branch availability creating inertia for virtual interactions? How do customers respond if the safer branch is less efficient? How productive are front office staff working from home? What are the best practices for returning safely to the office? Some of the questions will take some time to answer but others are self-explanatory. One thing for sure is that a much larger percentage of financial services professionals will be working outside the office in the future.

It’s no wonder that technology solutions that enable business continuity in this environment are in high demand. The most relevant examples are video conferencing, cybersecurity, collaboration tools, cloud-based computing and communication platforms.

Partner Cisco Jakarta

Therefore, Partner Cisco Jakarta Netdata are also ready to help you with IT problems in your company. So that you can save your company finances to be more economical and be able to prosper employees during this pandemic.

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