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Rent wifi Jakarta – Almost everyone must have heard the word wifi, yes including you are definitely familiar with this one IT technology. But do you know what is Dair WiFi and also its function? Here we discuss one by one what wifi means and also its uses.

Wifi is short for wireless fidelity, which is a medium for conducting data communication without cables that can be used for communication or transmitting programs and data at high speed. Why is it fast? Because the medium of delivery uses radio signals using certain frequencies.

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It is possible that wifi is known by the public as internet media only. But it is also true that nowadays it functions as a wireless wireless network like in big companies and also in internet cafes. This wireless network is also usually given a LAN local area network. So that computers in one location can be connected to other computers that are located differently.

In using the wifi internet, it does require an access point which is commonly called a hotspot to connect and control between wifi users and the central internet network.

A hotspot is usually equipped with a password that minimizes who can use these facilities. It is often used by home users, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and hotels. However, there are also hotspots that are not given a password, so anyone can use these facilities. For example, amusement parks and stadiums. For example in Surabaya, namely the Sulawesi Park.

For the problem of working frequency of a standard based IEE (electrical and electronic engineers), it is divided into four parts, namely:

11b 11 mb / s 2.4 ghz b
11a 54 mb / s 5 ghz a
11g 54 mb / s 2.4 ghz b, g
11n 100 mb / s 2.4 ghz b, g, n

Type “b” is the first wi-fi product. Meanwhile, types “g” and “n” are among the products that have the most popular sales around 2005.

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The advantage of using Rent Wifi Jakarta is that it is more portable, meaning that we don’t bother thinking about connecting cables to hotspots. Also, access to data transfer is faster (this can be obtained if our equipment is still within the reach of the hotspot center.

Therefore, you can contact NetData to get affordable and quality Rent wifi Jakarta prices. And also NetData. You can choose various brands of quality network devices such as Cisco, Fortinet, Falco, and many other well-known brands.

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