Building a Data Center With the Help of a Consultant, Here’s How

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For most companies that are already large and also have many branches, maybe a data center is one of the most important things. It’s possible that institutions that use data centers that are seen as very important are not built haphazardly. Usually, those who have difficulties in building a data center will hire a consultant who already understands the form of how to make the right data center.

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So, a data center is a physical facility that is used as a place to store digital systems and other related parts, such as data communication systems and storage systems. The data center acts as a focused repository for the interests of an institution or an institution.

How to build the right data center? How to determine the best data center consultant? Let’s find out.

Steps to Build a Data Center

To build a data center, don’t just carelessly. Because this involves a lot of costs and complications, it is certain that there will always be. Building a data center is not just placing data storage, but there are lots of considerations.

So, there are several steps that you should pay attention to when building a data center. And some of these considerations you should pay close attention to. Don’t reduce or don’t increase, because this involves very large financing.

Fulfill Data Center Main Requirements

To build a data center, you must pay attention to the following conditions as a standard guide for creating a data center.

What are they? Let’s find out.

Location Requirements

The first thing you should pay attention to is the location to build a data center. One of the mandatory requirements in making a data center is to consider the right location. Choose a location that is safe from floods, landslides and earthquakes as well as other dangerous places that can disrupt the data center.

Apart from that, security is also an element that you should pay attention to so that all stored data is truly safe. And make sure you get an easy water supply considering that the cooling needs for data centers are very large.

Hardware/Device Requirements

Tying up the data center infrastructure in your company can improve the quality of the data center system and its performance. Apart from actually increasing the quality, there is one thing that is very important, which is about security.

For hardware or devices that you need to pay attention to and must have are as follows:

  • FlyWheel UPS
  • Retina Scanners
  • Ethernet Switches 100Gb
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Digital Data Shredder
  • SAN-Storage SSD
  • KVM Console Server
  • Virtual Tape Libraries
  • Network Attached Storage

Design/Governance Terms

In the data center itself, there are hundreds to thousands of servers that are formed in such a way that the various shelves are neatly arranged.

Each equipment is as detailed as possible to be seen so that no problems arise. Cooling systems, electrical power, security systems are very important to support the performance of the data center that has been provided. Things that need to be seen in the data center, namely in the design concept and planning.

Standard data center governance must always be established and must always be observed.

Ensure Complete Supporting Facilities

To get a data center that has no problems, good supporting facilities are needed. These supporting facilities include:

Power Source Facilities

The power source is the most mandatory for you to pay attention to. You must be able to ensure that the source of electrical energy in the building or candidate for the data center has a large and good source of electrical energy.

This is so that if there is a power outage, the data center can continue to operate properly because it already has an automatic power supply method that is connected to a diesel generator so that the electricity does not suddenly go out and disrupt the data center.

Security Facility

Because this is a source of various information related to agencies, security facilities must be considered.

Therefore, the best and most trusted security system is needed so that it is guaranteed to be suitable for guaranteeing all the data in it. It is highly recommended to be able to implement physical access to be able to take full control of the data center, to identity confirmation through biometrics to keep all your data safe.

Storage System

When processing and storing data, very high speed is required. Because of that, we need the latest multicore processor so that it can easily serve data processing in a matter of hours. In addition, additional storage is also needed which functions to accommodate data if one day the data storage is full.

Network Speed/Bandwidth

And lastly is the problem of network speed. Business needs are increasing, of course, in line with the driving needs. If your online business is growing, it is certain that bandwidth requirements will increase.

Not to mention if the marketing process uses some additional data, such as photos, videos, and so on. Therefore, make sure the bandwidth that you have is really suitable for your needs.

Active Discussion With Data Center Consultants

Maybe this one is really necessary for you to do. Even though you can immediately hire a data center consultant, there is something that must be done to open up your insights about the data center, is by having active discussions with the data center consultant.

Along with the growing need for data, Indonesia itself has also formed an association which was established whose members come from various data centers that exist in Indonesia. The association earlier is IDPRO or the abbreviation of Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization. Founded on June 22, 2016.

IDPRO is a forum for gathering and coordinating all the nation’s potential related to the data center industry in Indonesia. Some of the founders of IDPRO include Lintasarta, GTN Data Center, DCI Data Center, Telkomsigma, and of course many more.

Trusted Data Center Consultant in Indonesia

Data center is a supporting facility to accommodate data storage needs and also communication from an agency. Creating an optimal data center is not that easy. There needs to be careful planning and planning. And also there must be help from a data center consultant.

One of the trusted data center consultants in Indonesia is NetData. NetData provides several services related to data center consultants such as continuous data center monitoring as well as prediction and fast handling if problems occur in your data center.

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