Already Know What is the Difference Between Bandwidth and Internet Quota

Bandwidth Dengan Kuota Internet

Difference between Bandwidth and Internet Quota – When reading an internet quota package, there may be an explanation if the quota has how much bandwidth, or when hiring an ISP service that offers internet packages with different bandwidths.

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Bandwidth and internet quota may have confused some people who use the internet, but sometimes it becomes a question of what is the difference between the two.

Let’s Discuss the Internet First

The internet is one of the underlying differences between quota and bandwidth. Understanding what the internet is can be very important because now the internet is a primary need for most people.

Many depend on the internet for their lives, even now, many use the internet for work, whether it’s for support needs or indeed the internet is their main source of income.

Internet Is

If asked the difference between the internet, the Internet is a set of decentralized networks that are interconnected through a set of protocols called TCP / IP. The Royal Academy of Languages (RAE) defines it as “a worldwide network of computers, decentralized and formed by direct connections between computers via special communication protocols”.

The name comes from the English Interconnected Networks. It is characterized because it allows the free exchange and access to information without the barriers of space and time.

Impact of Using the Internet

Since the existence of the internet and even for the internet in massive use, there have been many changes in people’s lifestyles that are different than before. Starting from its use for e-mail, it is arguably the first time the internet has had an impact on the community so that there is no need to bother sending letters with postal services which take a long time.

The transformation of society is real and the scope is immeasurable. Among the most prominent changes that have been experienced, it can be highlighted if there are two impacts, namely positive and negative impacts.

Positive impact

  • The decline of most physical formats (books, newspapers, CDs, etc.) and different ways of consuming culture and leisure.
  • Modify personal relationships, without spatial or physical barriers thanks to email, social networks or instant messaging.
  • A business evolution. Videoconferencing, direct exchange of all types of files or teleworking accelerates corporate activity.
  • Introduction of technology in all fields.
  • The immediacy provided by the widespread use of smartphones.
  • Users access information anywhere and everywhere, which also forces to change advertising rules (personalized and user-centric).
  • Democratization of information thanks to the expansion of internet access (broadband, more affordable prices).

Negative impact

  • Personal data leak. Privacy (or rather lack of it) is one of the aspects that concerns users the most and is almost the only reason that forces governments to intervene in setting up cooperative and open networks.
  • Digital literacy or ignorance of new technologies.
  • The emergence of a new addiction. Cyber addiction is a pathology that involves Internet abuse and often requires psychological treatment.

Some Common Benefits of the Internet

The use of the internet which is increasingly massive and growing is of course due to the benefits it gets. In general, there are many general benefits that can be obtained from the internet, including:

For Connectivity and Communication Facilities

In the past, if you sent a letter or someone mailed it to you, it could take days or even months for the letter to reach its destination. In modern times with the existence of the internet, you can send letters or important information to anyone by e-mail around the world via the Internet. And, it will often be delivered to its destination in less than a minute.

For Access to Information, Knowledge and Education

The Internet allows people to learn information on any topic and offers answers to all kinds of questions, because it contains endless knowledge and information.

Address and Mapping

Internet can help users to provide information almost every place in the world on a map with the help of GPS technology. You can find businesses in your area or the fastest route to your location. Although, today’s search engines are most powerful for knowing the location of users and help offer relevant searches for your area.

Business Ease

If you want to sell products and services or run a business, the Internet is the best place to sell things. Because anyone can find and access your website worldwide with the help of the Internet. With an online business, you can sell goods every day at any time because the Internet is always on and always available.

Entertainment facility

Internet provides people to access endless entertainment. With the Internet, you can watch movies, videos, play online games, listen to music, etc. There are many sites available on the Internet, which contain various entertainment materials such as music, videos and much more. Also, you can watch videos online on platforms like YouTube.

Bandwidth Difference With Internet Quota

Bandwidth and internet quota do have a close relationship, even the so-called internet quota always has something called bandwidth. Especially when there is an offer from a home wifi ISP that offers internet installation, there must be a package with this bandwidth.

Both turned out to have significant differences that can be explained in general and easily understood.

Discuss Bandwidth

It is common knowledge that an internet connection with a higher bandwidth can transfer large amounts of data (for example, video files) much faster than an internet connection with a lower bandwidth.

This means, the greater the bandwidth on the internet package, the easier and faster data transfer will be.

What is Bandwidth

The term bandwidth has several technical meanings. Maybe it will be more difficult to understand if this bandwidth is explained in the early days of the internet.

But since the internet was popularized, the term bandwidth generally refers to the volume of information per unit time that can be handled by a transmission medium (such as an internet connection).

Function Of Bandwidth

Bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second, such as 60 Mbps or 60 Mb/s, to describe a data transfer rate of 60 million bits (megabits) every second.

Network bandwidth is a measurement that indicates the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless communication link to transmit data over a network connection in a given amount of time. Typically, bandwidth is represented in terms of the number of bits, kilobits, megabits or gigabits that can be transmitted in 1 second.

Digital Bandwidth

Analog bandwidth is the maximum sinusoidal frequency of the analog signal used by the circuit.

But the digital bandwidth of a circuit is different.

Analog Bandwidth

The digital bandwidth of a circuit is less than the analog bandwidth because digital signals are made of the values 1 and 0 and it is a square wave signal. If you are plotting a square wave frequency spectrum, the maximum frequency content in the signal is more than the square wave frequency.

Discussing Internet Quota

While internet quota is the size of the usage limit from internet usage obtained from an ISP or internet service provider.

For example, a 2GB internet quota for one month means that users can only access, download, or upload data to the internet with a 2GB quota.

Types of Internet Quota

Nowadays, when buying an internet package, there are many options to choose from. The name is an internet package which leads to it is an internet package for a different use either in terms of application or in terms of the time of use as well.

The types of internet packages provided by many internet providers in Indonesia include:

  1. Regular package (general)
  2. Local data package
  3. Midnight internet package
  4. Internet chat packages
  5. Streaming quota internet package
  6. Interlocal quota internet packages
  7. Priority internet package

The Clear Difference Between Bandwidth and Internet Quota

So, these two have very, very clear differences. Even though this internet quota cannot be separated from what is called bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the speed limit for internet access, for example 512Kbps (Kilo bits per second), 10 Mbps (Mega bits per second).

While internet quota is a limit or limit on internet usage that can be used, for example 10 GB (Giga Bytes per second) internet quota which is valid for one month, if it runs out you will not be able to access the internet anymore and you have to buy internet quota again.

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