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Access Point Aruba Outdoor

Aruba Outdoor Access point is one of the superior products from Aruba that prioritizes Access point functionality that can be placed outdoors.

Of course there are several things that must be considered from access point products for outdoor, such as weather resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, and many more. So, here are some reviews about the outdoor AP from Aruba.

What are Access Points?

Before discussing the Aruba Outdoor Access point in more detail, then we need to discuss what an Access point is.

An access point is a network device that functions as a network gateway for devices to connect to the network.

Access points can also be used to expand the existing network from the router to accommodate more network users in an area.

The difference from routers, access points are not as complete as routers in terms of features and security. However, access points are much cheaper than routers.

Aruba Outdoor Access Point Products

Back to discussing this type of product, where this product is available in 3 series that are featured by Aruba, here are 3 series of Aruba Outdoor Access points:

Aruba 370 Series

Weather and temperature resistant, Aruba 370 series access points deliver 2 Gigabit 11ac Wave Wi-Fi in outdoor locations and challenging environments. The high performance and high power of the 370 series delivers maximum capacity and range.

The 370 Series supports MU-MIMO capabilities, Aruba’s advanced ClientMatch, Aruba Beacon Solution, Advanced Cellular Coexistence (ACC) features enable WLANs to work at peak efficiency by minimizing interference from 3G/4G LTE networks, distributed antenna systems, and commercial small cell/femtocells equipment, AppRF.

Aruba 360 . Series

The 360 ​​series multifunction 802.11ac Wave 2 outdoor access point provides cost-effective wireless connectivity for mobile and IoT devices in Public Infrastructure.

By supporting dual radio operation, the 360 ​​series APs provide maximum data rates while supporting MU-MIMO operation for the simultaneous transmission of up to two 802.11ac Wave 2 devices.

Able to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the 360 ​​series can withstand exposure to high and low temperatures, persistent humidity and precipitation, and is fully sealed to prevent airborne contaminants.

All electrical interfaces include industrial power surge protection. Supports ClientMatch, Aruba Beacon Solution, Advance Cellular Coexistence (ACC), AppRF.

Aruba Series 270

Innovative and aesthetically designed, the 270-series outdoor APs deliver fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance in any weather conditions.

The triple-stream 270 Series also allows 802.11n mobile devices to operate up to three times faster over the same distance from the AP.

Tailor-made for the harshest outdoor environments, the AP 270 series can withstand extreme temperatures, persistent humidity and precipitation, and are fully sealed to keep out airborne contaminants.

Supports ClientMatch, Aruba Beacon Solution, Advance Cellular Coexistence (ACC), AppRF.

Advantages of Aruba Outdoor Access Point

  • Made especially for the outdoors

This type of product is designed with a closed design so that it can withstand extreme weather, both hot and rainy. And also resistant to water, dust, and moisture.

  • Optimized performance and roaming

This product uses MU-MIMO, Aruba ClientMatch, and IoT features to ensure seamless connectivity even during maintenance or unplanned power outages.

  • Secure connectivity

This type of product is equipped with the latest security such as Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall, WPA3 and Open certified security, and real-time device-level access policies. Everything is managed easily and securely on Aruba Central, a cloud-native platform.

Aruba Outdoor Access Point Distributor

In Indonesia, this product is also available in several online stores such as at NetData.

NetData is the official distributor of this type of Access point, thus providing genuine Aruba network equipment products at the lowest prices.

Aruba Outdoor Access Point Price

For the price of this type of Access point, you can see it on the NetData website, namely at or contact NetData customer service who is at the top of the website page.

NetData also provides wholesale prices for those of you who buy more than one Aruba product for installation in office and industrial areas.


From the advantages of this type of access point above, of course as a user it will be greatly facilitated by its outdoor features such as water resistance, resistance to hot weather, even excessive humidity.

That way the scope of this access point can be wider than an access point that explodes in the room.

Aruba Outdoor access points offer high flexibility and mobility for local network and internet users.


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