Applying an Electronic Seal Through the E-Meterai Portal is Easy!

Electronic Seal

Electronic SealNowadays, an official agreement or contract letter with a seal is very common to use, whether it’s for work needs or the relationship between one company and another company in carrying out business cooperation, for example. However, the problem now is that the contract agreement with this seal is not only physical, but is even more advanced in electronic form.

So, what is the most doable way with that e-mail? how to affix the seal? Take it easy! Now there is E-seal which is an electronic seal solution for official letters that require a seal. However, how to affix an electronic seal through the e-seal portal? Let’s discuss!

Meaning of Seal

Before discussing further about e-seal, it’s good to know in advance what is meant by a seal as deeply as possible because this is really very important to know so that when you want to use a seal you can use it wisely. And or in what situations do you need a seal.

The following is an explanation of the seal.

Stamp Is

Many official documents in Indonesia must be affixed with a blue stamp called a seal to be considered valid. Someone has to sign the stamp; if part of the seal does not include a person’s signature, then it is invalid. Stamps are available at the post office (Post Office) and starting in June 2011 the prices are IDR 6,000 each.

However, as of January 1, 2021, the government will impose a new stamp duty rate into a single tariff, which is Rp. 10,000 per share.

Anyone, Indonesian citizens or foreigners can use the seal to validate documents. They can also be used for personal documents, such as promissory notes for personal loans.

Seal Type

The seal itself consists of various types. And these various types do basically have the same function as a seal. However, its use is different for each type of seal.

What you need to know, now there are two types of seals that you often encounter, namely sticky or physical seals and also electronic seals. However, it turns out that there are still other types of seals that work in Indonesia for now.


The first and most common and perhaps you’ve used it is the patch seal. A sticky stamp is a stamp in the form of a strip whose use is carried out by affixing it to a document (Article 1 point 3 PP 86/2021, Article 1 number 3 PMK 133/2021, and Article 1 number 5 PMK 134/2021).

The stamp duty printing is carried out by the Public Company for the Printing of Money of the Republic of Indonesia (Perum Peruri). After that, the distribution and sale of the stamps was carried out by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).

Electronic Stamp

Meanwhile, what we will discuss in detail at this time is that electronic seals are stamps in the form of labels whose use is carried out using a system affixed to documents through a certain system, in accordance with Article 1 number 4 PP 86/2021, Article 1 number 4 PMK 133/2021, and Article 1 point 6 PMK 134/2021.

Perum Peruri is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of electronic seals. To determine the availability of electronic seals, the electronic seals must be distributed by Perum Peruri to distributors. Execution of distribution after the distributor makes a deposit.

Stamp in Other Forms

Next up is the seal in another form. What is this actually? This stamp is a seal that is made using a digital seal stamping machine, digital method, printing technology, and other methods or technologies. This variation of stamps can be applied by both taxpayers who already have a license to print or make stamps in other forms.

In order to obtain such a permit, it is appropriate for taxes to apply for a written permit to the Director General of Taxes through the Head of the KPP where the tax is registered (Article 23 paragraph 1 PMK 133/2021).

Function and Use of Stamp

Many think that the agreement will be invalid if there is no signature on the stamp. In fact, all of that is not wrong, but the explanation of the function and purpose of using the seal is not quite right.

So, the function and use of this seal is listed in Law no. 13 of 1985 concerning Stamp Duty (Stamp Duty Law), the function of the stamp is as a tax imposition on certain documents, so that it does not become a determining factor on whether or not an agreement is valid.

Collecting Customs Tax on Documents

The first function is to collect customs tax on documents. This is contained in Article 1 paragraph (1) of the Stamp Duty Law, the main function of the seal is to collect taxes on a document which according to the Stamp Duty Law is the object of the Stamp Duty. Stamp duty is one way to collect funds from the public, where the stamp duty is Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000, depending on the type of document that is subject to the stamp duty.

Not the Main Tool for Endorsing an Agreement

As explained earlier, actually the seal is not necessarily the main tool to ratify an agreement. According to Article 1320 of the Civil Code, there are 4 (four) prerequisites for the validity of an agreement. This prerequisite consists of keywords, the interests of the parties, a certain matter, or the existence of an object of agreement, and a lawful matter.

Therefore, if an agreement already applies the seal but does not meet these prerequisites, the agreement is not official in the eyes of regulation. So, before making an agreement, make sure before the agreement meets the prerequisites before you add a seal in it.

Evidence in Court

As evidence for payment in court, the seal is a very important tool. Documents that will be applied as evidence in court, as regulated in Article 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 70/PMK.03/2014 regarding the Later Divorce System. The divorce can then be executed by applying a stamp or applying a tax deposit letter.

Stamp Duty Rate

The current stamp duty rate is Rp. 3,000.00 and Rp. 6,000.00 which is adjusted to the document rate and document application. Stamp duty does not require a good identification number for tax or tax objects. Stamp duty payment occurs earlier than when it is owed. Payment times can be done anonymously and not bound by time.

Although now the value of the stamp duty is Rp. 10,000.00, the public can still use the stamp duty of Rp. 6,000 and Rp. 3,000 until December 31, 2021 at a rate of at least Rp. 9 thousand on the document.

E-Stamp (Electronic Stamp)

Now is discussing for e-seal or electronic stamp. This seal has indeed become the main focus for business and government actors and has made it an opportunity to build the infrastructure of the world of documents because nowadays documents are more likely to use electronics instead of physically.

E-Meterai is one of the variations of the seal in electronic form that has special characteristics and contains a safety factor issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Electronic Stamp

So, basically it is the same, the electronic seal has the same function. However, what you should probably know is that this is also regulated by law. The legal umbrella for the electronic seal process is contained in Government Regulation (PP) Number 86 of 2021 regarding the Procurement, Management and Sale of Stamps. This regulation will take effect on August 19, 2021.

Why Made Into E-stamp

The creation of an e-seal, of course, has an underlying problem and an underlying idea as well. So, this started during the COVID-19 pandemic where the massive use of electronic documents in Indonesia.

Therefore, last October, the government specifically, namely the Ministry of Finance, issued an electronic seal or e-Meterai with a nominal value of Rp. 10,000.

E-stamp Used For Anything

Still having the same function as a seal in general, the e-seal is applied to pay taxes on electronic documents and is connected to an electronic system that contains electronic documents.

When is the E-Stamp Trial

So, for when the trial of the e-seal does not exist. However, this e-seal can already be used and is legally valid starting from October 2021.

So, for now the e-seal has been able to function and is also legally valid based on Law Number 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) in Article 5 paragraph (1) which states that electronic documents are legal evidence.

How to Purchase E-stamp

Now you know what an e-seal is and how to use it, and indeed this e-seal is an official and valid seal for now and in the future.

So, when you need an e-seal, you have to buy an e-seal. How to? Of course it turned out to be quite easy.

  1. Open the web and click the ‘Buy e-Meterai’ menu
  2. Login by entering your e-mail name and password. If it’s the first time, click ‘Register here’
  3. Select the type of account owner and proceed with uploading your ID card
  4. Fill in the available and required personal data
  5. Enter the OTP code that will be sent in the form of an SMS to your number for the verification stage
  6. Finally, after data validation is complete, the purchase of e-seal can be made according to expectations and needs.

Companies That Will Use E-stamp

In the launch of the e-stamp, the Public Company for Printing Money of the Republic of Indonesia or Peruri and PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. pointed out several environments that use and implement e-seal for their digital documents, such as:

  • PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI,
  • PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk,
  • PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk,
  • PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI,
  • PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk or BTN, and
  • PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

In the future, the e-seal will be applied to various electronic transactions of the public that are included in the transaction class that is subject to stamp duty.

Application To Scan E-stamp

So, this e-seal is very difficult to counterfeit. It turns out that there is a reason, namely the e-seal is equipped with X.509 SHA 512 digital signature technology and three additional security features.

  1. OVERT, where 70% of electronic seal designs are unique barcodes that differ on each seal
  2. COVERT, is a Peruri seal that can only be read with a scanner or a special application from Peruri and a signature panel that can be observed via the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF application.

To do a scan how you can understand whether this e-seal is genuine or not, it turns out that the method is quite easy.

If you use the Acrobat Reader PDF application, click the signature panel, then a code will appear like a circle. If the code is the same as the scan result through the Peruri Scan application, it is certain that the e-Meterai is original.

How to Affix an Electronic Seal Through the E-Meterai Portal

To affix the electronic seal, you go through the E-Seal Portal. The method is quite easy and guaranteed safe.

  1. Open the e-seal portal
  2. Click ‘Register here’, fill in the data, then enter the OTP code provided via SMS for validation
  3. Login to the e-seal portal by entering your registered email and password
  4. Check the electronic seal quota in the portal menu
  5. If the quota is empty, click ‘Purchase’
  6. When already purchased, click ‘Add’
  7. Fill in the details of the document data to be affixed with an electronic seal, such as date, document number, and document type
  8. Upload the document to be affixed with the electronic seal
  9. Position the electronic seal on the document in the desired position and click ‘Apply Stamp’ and click ‘Yes’
  10. Enter the PIN that has been registered and wait until the affixing process is complete
  11. If it is successful, the document in PDF form can be directly downloaded and sent to the registered email
  12. The history of documents that have been stamped or re-downloaded can be accessed through the menu on the portal


e-seal is a type of seal in electronic form that has special characteristics and contains a security element issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, which is used to pay taxes on electronic documents. For that, when you need a seal but the document you receive or what you need is an electronic document, this is the answer from Netdata which is very sure and also reliable.


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