Ruijie RG-AP820-L and Ruijie RG-NBS3100 Access Point Solutions for Professionals

Access Point Ruijie

Access Point Ruijie – The internet is one of the needs of modern humans which is useful as a means of communication that connects one electronic media to another. To take advantage of the internet network one must use a device that can exchange data either wirelessly or using a cable. For one device that does not use a cable is an access point.

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So, in this article, we will discuss more deeply one of the access point products from a brand that is well known for its quality, namely Ruijie. How to explain it, let’s look at the following explanation.

Get to know Access Point Ruijie

Before discussing the Access Point Ruijie, it would be nice for us to know what an access point is. Access point is a network hardware that is used on a wireless local network that can send and receive data. In other words, an access point can connect users with other users on a particular network that functions as a WLAN interconnection point and a fixed cable network.

This access point has a transceiver that is capable of transmitting and receiving signals from the client server or to the client server. To be able to transmit data wirelessly, this access point can be connected to several other network devices such as routers, switches and hubs via Ethernet cables.

Access point function

The following are some of the functions of the access point that you need to know:

  1. As a DHCP server or giving IP addresses to each connected device automatically.
  2. Can manage access to each device based on MAC address.
  3. Provides WEP and WAP security features. Wireless network security with authentication can be used as a key given to the client at the access point. WAP can be used as a security method that complements WEP by adding decryption.
  4. Access points can connect wireless local networks with wired networks.

Produk Access point Ruijie


Ruijie RG-AP820-L


The Ruijie RG-AP820-L(V3) is a cost-effective entry-level wireless access point with a dual-radio dual-band Wi-Fi 6 design. The Ruijie RG-AP820-L access point has a simple shape but has high flexibility suitable for medium to small companies with abundant features to increase the spread of WiFi networks.

The Ruijie RG-AP820-L(V3) already supports a maximum wireless throughput of 2.97Gbps when 160MHz bandwidth in 5G radio mode is adopted (HE160). This access point is fully compliant with Wi-Fi 6 features and guarantees minimal signal interference.

Main feature

For the Ruijie RG-AP820-L feature, there are several things that are important, including being able to increase wireless security, management efficiency, and efforts to increase the latest firmware. For more details, you can see some of the main features of the following Ruijie RG-AP820-L.

High Speed ​​and Energy Efficient Wi-Fi 6 1024-QAM High Speed ​​Access

The RG-AP820-L(V3) adopts a dual-band dual-radio design. With the next generation 802.11ax for the 5GHz band, the maximum access speed can reach 2.4Gbps. If dual-radio is enabled simultaneously, the high-speed Wi-Fi throughput can reach 2.97Gbps, offering a true high-speed experience.

OFDMA High Density User Access

The RG-AP820-L(V3) supports OFDMA 802.11ax, which divides a WLAN channel into narrower subchannels, with each user occupying one or more subchannels. By scheduling multiple users to receive and send packets simultaneously through the AP, user competition and back-off can be reduced, thereby reducing network latency, and increasing network efficiency. In a high-density deployment environment, the average rate per user quadruples compared to Wi-Fi 5 devices.

Spatial Reuse with BSS Colors

The RG-AP820-L(V3) supports spatial reuse with 802.11ax basic service set color (BSS). It marks the BSS of different WLANs in the network with different color identifiers (BSS colors), and further divides them into internal and external BSS. The packet receiving and sending thresholds for the internal and external BSS are maintained separately. When receiving a packet, the BSS color is picked up to quickly identify external BSS packets. If the signal strength is lower than the external BSS reception threshold, the packet is ignored. At the same time the internal BSS packet transmission will not be affected. This technology improves channel reuse in high density scenarios, greatly reducing the impact of shared channel interference for true network deployments.

Improved Performance from Wi-Fi 5

The RG-AP820-L(V3) provides a sizeable performance boost even in environments with Wi-Fi 5-only user devices. This means the RG-AP820-L(V3) is not only future-proof but also capable of providing instant upgrades over Wi-Fi 5 APs.

Energy Saving for Green and Low Carbon Networks

Several energy-saving technologies have been used in the RG-AP820-L(V3), such as single standby antenna, dynamic MIMO, enhanced automatic power-saving transmission, and packet power control. With a high-performance power circuit design, the RG-AP820-L(V3) is able to save energy while providing high-speed wireless access.

Industry leading Local Forwarding Technology

Using the industry’s leading local forwarding technology, the RG-AP820-L(V3) breaks through the limitations of wireless controller traffic congestion. Working together with the RG-WS series of wireless controllers, users can flexibly pre-configure the data forwarding mode for the RG-AP820-L(V3). The AP also controls whether data is passed through the wireless controller according to the user’s SSID and VLAN, or directly sent to the wired network for data exchange.

Local forwarding technology can classify and forward time-sensitive data requiring real-time transmission over wired networks, to greatly reduce the traffic pressure on wireless controllers and meet the high traffic transmission requirements of the 802.11ax standard network.

Abundant QoS policies

The RG-AP820-L(V3) supports various QoS policies. For example, providing WLAN/AP/STA and Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) based bandwidth limits that define different priorities for different service data. The RG-AP820-L(V3) realizes timely and quantitative audio/video transmission and ensures smooth operation of multi-media applications.

With multicast-to-unicast technology, RG-AP820-L(V3) solves the problem of video delay due to packet loss or high latency, and greatly improves the user experience of multicast video services from wireless networks.

Comprehensive Security Protection Safe User Access

The RG-AP820-L(V3) supports multiple authentication methods such as web, 802.1X, PPSK (one-time dynamic password), voucher/access code, user account, and social authentication (Ruijie Cloud required). Compliant with standard NAC, it offers a series of control policies in terms of authentication, authorization, device compliance check, and network attack detection/prevention, etc. All these features guarantee high network security for authenticated users.

Pre-Shared Private Key (PPSK)

Traditional Pre-shared Keys (PSK) that are shared by all users in a WLAN carry a high risk of PSK leaks. Ruijie Personal PSK (PPSK) is an easy-to-setup wireless authentication method with enterprise-grade security. Credentials can be created and revoked individually. Each PPSK can also be bound to a unique user/machine.

With PPSK, the benefits are:

  • High security by providing different passwords for each user and device for the same SSID
  • Simple deployment with batch account creation
  • Ease of use, offering the same experience as WPA/WPA2-PSK
  • Out-of-box feature in Wireless Access Controller and Ruijie Cloud Service
  • No additional AAA servers needed
Virtual AP Technology

With virtual AP technology, RG-AP820-L(V3) supports up to 16 ESSIDs. Network administrators can separately encrypt and isolate VLANs or subnets of the same SSID, thus allowing the authentication mode and encryption mechanism to be defined for each SSID.

Comprehensive Wireless Protection

Combined with the RG-WS series wireless controllers, the RG-AP820-L(V3) offers a variety of security features including WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System), RF interference tracking, rogue AP suppression, anti-ARP spoofing, DHCP protection and so on for security protection. thorough.


The full specifications of the Ruijie RG-AP820-L are as follows:

Physical Specifications
  RG-AP820-L (V3)

(P × T × T)

220mm × 220mm × 49mm
Weight 0.6kg device

Mounting Kit 0.2kg

Installation Ceiling / Wall
Anti-theft lock Support

Radio Specifications

  RG-AP820-L (V3)
Radio Dual-radio dual-band:

Radio12.4GHz 11ax2×2 MIMO

Radio25GHz 11ax2×2 MIMO

Operation Tape Radio1:





Note: varies depending on different countries

Maks. Throughput Radio12.4GHz0.574Gbps


Throughput maksimum per AP:

2.4GHz + 5GHz 2.976Gbps

Antenna Type Omnidirectional Integrated
Antenna Gain 2.4GHz 3dBi

5GHz 3dBi

transmit power 20dBm

Note: varies depending on different countries

Adjustable Strength 1dBm
Modulation OFDMBPSK@6/9MbpsQPSK@12/18Mbps16-QAM@24Mbps64-QAM@48/54Mbps

DSSSDBPSK@1MbpsDQPSK@2Mbpsdan CCK@5.5/11Mbps



Receiver Sensitivity 11b-96dBm1Mbps),-93dBm5Mbps),-89dBm11Mbps



11acHT20-88dBmMCS0, -63dBmMCS9

11acHT40-85dBmMCS0, -60dBmMCS9

11acHT80-82dBmMCS0, -57dBmMCS9

11axHE80-82dBmMCS0, -57dBmMCS9,-52dBmMCS11



  RG-AP820-L (V3)
Interface 1 Port Ethernet BASE-T 10/100/1000M, PoE In (Support IEEE 802.3af/at)

Full Spectrum Operation in IEEE 802.3af Mode

1 1G/2.5G SFP Port

Port Management 1 RJ45 Console Port
Indicator light 1 LED indicator
Reset button Support


  RG-AP820-L (V3)
power supply Local Power Supply (DC 48V/0.6A)

Note: The DC power adapter must be purchased separately from a third party vendor if required.

PoEIEEE 802.3af Standard– Full Spectrum Operation

Konsumsi daya 12.95W


  RG-AP820-L (V3)
Temperature Operating Temperature: -10 °C50 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 °C70 °C
Humidity Operating Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature: 5%~95% (non-condensing)

IP rating IP41
Security Standards GB 4943.1-2011IEC 62368-1
Standar EMC EN 300386GB 19286-2003GB 17618-1998


Software Specifications


  RG-AP820-L (V3)
WLAN Maximum Clients 512

Recommended Clients: 120

Hide SSID: Support

5G Priority (Band Driver): Support

Configure authentication mode, encryption mechanism and VLAN attribute for each SSID: Support

Remote Intelligent Perception Technology (RIPT): Support

Smart Device Recognition Technology: Support

Smart Load Balancing Based on Number of Users or Traffic: Support

STA Limit Control: SSID/Radio Based

Bandwidth Control: STA/SSID/AP based

Security Support PSK and Web authentication

Enkripsi Data: WPATKIP)、WPA-PSKWPA2AES)、WPA3WEP64/128bits

PPSK Authentication: Support

802.1X Authentication: Support

PEAP Authentication: Support

Data Frame Filtering: Allowed List, Static/Dynamic Block List

User Isolation: Support

Rogue AP Detection and Countermeasures: Support

Dynamic ACL Assignment: Support

RADIUS: Support

CPU Protection Policy (CPP) support

Network Foundation Protection Policy (NFPP): Support

AKU P IPv4: Supports Static IP Addresses and DHCP

Support Multicast to Unicast Conversion

DHCP Service: Support DHCP Snooping, Option 82, Server, Client

operational management Support Wireless LAN Controller:

Ruijie RG-WS Series Wireless Controller

Ruijie Cloud (Public Cloud)

Ruijie’s Private Cloud

Management Protocols: Telnet, SSH, TFTP, FTP, Web

Wireless Intelligent AI Optimization Service (WIS): Support

SNMP: Supports V1, V2c, V3

Syslog / Debug: Support

FAT/FIT/Cloud Managed Firmware Mode: Supports FAT Management (Standalone) or FIT (WS Controller) or Cloud Managed (Ruijie Public/Private Cloud)

Ruijie RG-NBS3100

There is another option than you choose Ruijie RG-AP820-L, is to use RG-NBS3100. What’s interesting about this series is that it consists of 4 switch models designed for SME customers to meet the different needs of their network including basic VLAN sharing and advanced security features such as ACLs. For the needs of an access point on a professional network, this is the right choice.

Compared to the RG-AP820-L, the RG NBS3100 series is for even more professional use. If you are still confused about the specifications for the RG NBS3100, here are the details.


With a variety of existing features, this is one that is very profitable. This series also has a model with the -P suffix that supports PoE. Certainly with this can meet the PoE requirements of wireless access points, digital cameras, and other devices in various scenarios.

Main feature

Actually, the features of the RG NBS3100 are many, but there are features that highlight why this is an access point with a more professional use.

The main features of the RG NBS3100 include:

  • 28-Port gigabit Layer 2 managed non-PoE switch, 4 SFP uplinks
  • Enterprise-class Quality Ensures High Performance
  • Introduction of IP Cameras, Unique Value for CCTV Networks
  • Multiple Security Policies Protect Your Network
  • Lifetime management on Ruijie Cloud anytime anywhere


The following are the specifications of the RG-NBS3100 that you need to know:

Model RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP RG-NBS3100-8GT2SFP RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP-P RG-NBS3100-8GT2SFP-P
Fixed ports 24 10/100/1000Base-T ports, 4 SFP 1000Base-X ports 8 10/100/1000Base-T ports, 2 SFP 1000Base-X ports 24 10/100/1000Base-T ports (support PoE and PoE+), 4 SFP 1000Base-X ports, 370W PoE power 8 10/100/1000Base-T ports (support PoE and PoE+), 2 SFP 1000Base-X ports, 125W PoE power
Switching capacity 336Gbps 192Gbps 336Gbps 192Gbps
Packet forwarding rate 42Mpps 15Mpps 42Mpps 15Mpps
MAC address Support static MAC address, MAC address filtering
MAC address table size 8K
Number of VLANs 4094
Link aggregation Support
Port mirroring Many-to-one mirroring
Spanning tree STP, RSTP
LLDP Support
IP routing N/A
ACL IP standard ACL MAC extended ACL IP extended ACL Port ACL for Layer 2 ports (physical port / AP)
QoS Port-based speed limit (ingress/egress)
Security Port protection Hardware CPP
Management Web management, Ruijie Cloud or Ruijie Cloud app management
DHCP DHCP snooping
EEE Support

The physical specifications are as follows:

Dimensions 440×165×44mm 260x120x43.6mm 440×293×44mm 300x220x43.6mm
PoE N/A N/A 24 Base-T ports (support PoE and PoE+) Maximum PoE / PoE+ output power per switch: 370W Maximum output power per port: 30W 8 Base-T ports (support PoE and PoE+) Maximum PoE / PoE+ output power per switch: 125W Maximum output power per port: 30W
Temperature Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Humidity Operating humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH Storage humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH


After seeing the two access point specifications between Ruijie RG-AP820-L and Ruijie RG-NBS3100, surely you will think which one might be the solution for you.

If you look closely, the RG-AP820-L is a professional indoor access point, but not as professional as the RG-NBS3100. The RG-AP820-L is more suitable for medium to low business use or those that are still starting up. However, for larger networks, the RG-NBS3100 is definitely more professional and suitable for companies and medium and upper class networks.

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