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Wireless network connections are now no longer limited to indoor buildings but have expanded to outdoor areas. The term “people move and networks follow” is one thing that makes connectivity for outdoor Wi-Fi. In a modern workplace, of course you often see employees doing their jobs using their laptops in the yard or terrace while sipping their coffee. Or walking from one place and another are discussing with clients via web conference.

Using Aruba’s outdoor access point is indeed very profitable. Unlimited connectivity for large public places such as parks and parking lots or it can also be a modern office area. Point-to-point wireless options provide Wi-Fi mesh backhaul and 60GHz speeds to adjacent buildings. If you are interested in using Aruba products, you can rely on Netdata as Aruba Jakarta partner.

Why Choose Aruba

Aruba is a wireless company, recently acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP), which has introduced several very innovative wireless solutions to the market. Solutions that can help businesses of all sizes manage their wireless networks more efficiently. There are various services that are very beneficial if you choose Aruba as a solution for your wireless network needs.

There is one other option for your wireless network, you can run it from the cloud. In this case you will build a central profile for the network in the cloud, and your access point can be managed from there. More practical is not it? Therefore Netdata becomes Aruba Jakarta’s partner to provide you with a safe, fast, and also affordable wireless internet experience that is certainly affordable.

Netdata is an Official Aruba Partner

Netdata is an official Aruba Jakarta partner that provides various services provided by Aruba. All of these services you can get in a professional way and also certainly with a variety of benefits that you can get instead of choosing other than Netdata. One of them is affordable cost and various other attractive offers which are very profitable.

Interested in trying out products from Aruba? Visit now also the Netdata website at as the official Aruba Jakarta partner that provides many benefits!

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