Vault Cloud Enterprise The Best Security System From FALCO Indonesia’s Partners

Partner FALCO Indonesia

FALCO KLA SYSTEMS SDN BHD (officially known as FALCO). is a Malaysian-owned company specializing in Access Control, Time & Attendance, and other important functions of the Security & Administration sector.

Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods safe inside and outside threats has become a common premise, reinforcing the use of security systems such as Access Control. In a globalized world as it is today, the solution to being partner of FALCO Indonesia enables multi-site companies to have the power to manage their systems from one location, remotely, reduce operational costs and concentrate expertise.

At the same time, Access Control offers total mobility, because this is a CLOUD platform that allows any computer or mobile device with a navigator to be connected to the system, via the internet. This is an open architecture solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Metadata, Display on Screen or Data Bank. This is why you are strongly advised to secure the security of your company by becoming a partner of FALCO Indonesia.

Vault Control Site Synchronizes All Jobs

A software module for local access control servers. It has several sources such as integration with CCTV systems, elevator control, intrusion alarm sensors, integration with fire detection systems, visitor registration, control systems (VMS), and more. This works in conjunction with the site controller (doors, turnstiles, elevators, lockers / racks, gates / barriers, etc.) If your communication is offline, the controller will continue to operate transparently, allowing people and vehicles to continue circulating according to their privileges, and when communication is re-established, all information will be synchronized with the cloud, still hesitant to become a partner of FALCO Indonesia? In addition, the VAULT CLOUD SITE communicates continuously with the VAULT CLOUD CENTRAL and to update and back up your Bank Data, which is added exponentially to security and to the integrity of the System.

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