Distributor Cisco Jakarta Supports WFH Implementation in Indonesia

Distributor Cisco Jakarta

The world is becoming more and more modern, where a lot of IT technology has developed, for example, the internet. Yes, this internet is indeed a necessity for everyone, including the Indonesian people, which is used for various important activities and also as a fulfillment of the needs of some people or companies.

In addition, the internet is also very important to be used to support the operations of companies or agencies such as offices, fire departments, health services, and education offices.

We can see the last few months that we are currently implementing remote or remote work. This is so by a new study by PWC, 54% of CFOs said that their long-distance organization was chosen as the top choice for their corporate operations. 87% said they were focused on changing and improving better health and safety standards. And also 72% expect greater resilience and activity as a byproduct of the pandemic.

Because companies all over the world as well as all companies are making long distance a thing. Distributor Cisco Jakarta as a Big IT company supports various companies working remotely in order to enhance the culture of non-clinical health care staff.

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Distributor Cisco Jakarta provide health care services that are so important that hospitals or clinics cannot fulfill virtual needs. In general, health attention in a hospital must be given directly. Life-saving procedures and emergency services cannot be performed remotely. For healthcare workers and the patients they serve Cisco also helps create workplaces with good health standards. As well as helping the health system to be better.

Cisco also helps bring together doctors and care teams, wherever they are. Cisco assists in increasing productivity across your company and business and simultaneously provides clinical assistance during collaboration with multidisciplinary collaborations across departments and a secure community of remote workers.

For non-clinical officers, how can you activate remote work, minimizing the number of people in the hospital by reducing the number of operational employees. If you need remote and secure connectivity into the operational domain for day workers to make workers productive on the go.

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Distributor Cisco Jakarta Netdata also provides services to your company that requires remote deployment assistance. Why should it be on NetData? Because NetData provides a variety of trusted Cisco products in Indonesia as a company in the IT field that is ready to provide solutions to IT problems in your company.

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