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Building a profitable mobile network, your business distinguishes itself by the connected experiences and cloud services you enable for your customers and business clients. This is the key to monetizing 5G. But it takes a connected multi-cloud-to-client network that unites multi-vendor solutions into a single standards-based architecture to make this happen.

Through new innovations in the core of cloud-based packages, seamless service-to-service provider network connections, advances in automation with machine learning and artificial intelligence, and trusted secure infrastructure, the path to a profitable network has never been clearer. NetData as a Cisco Jakarta distributor is an option if you want Cisco to be a cloud-based innovation for your company.

The Latest Innovation from Cisco

  • Integrated Domain Center

Establishes clear pathways for new monetization opportunities by removing barriers across enterprise, cloud, and network connectivity service providers to empower customers to create and manage network services. With this solution, connectivity service providers provide the same LAN look and feel to their enterprise customers across CSP mobility and WAN networks. This empowers connectivity service providers to create win-win solution partnerships with their business customers.

  • Ultra Cloud Core

NetData as a distributor of Cisco Indonesia also provides Cisco Ultra Cloud Core, an industry-leading full-featured core package (in-line service) platform that seamlessly and securely integrates 3G / 4G / 5G / IoT / WiFi connected services. With its sophistication, CUPS provides a disaggregated solution that supports Multi-Access Edge Computing and can be used in any cloud environment. This is the latest evolution of the Cisco Ultra Services Platform which operates the largest virtualized core packet network in the industry.

Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization

Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization is a machine learning cloud-native solution that improves the customer experience while reducing costs and bottlenecks. Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization offers an attractive alternative to using expensive spectrum and additional cellular radio equipment because it optimizes large traffic flows on congested cells, maximizing radio network performance where it is most needed.

Beneficial isn’t it? So, if you want a variety of innovations from Cisco, you can entrust NetData, which is a trusted Cisco Jakarta distributor and has proven competence in the IT field.

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