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Cloud is sending IT resources on demand via the internet at prices according to usage. In addition to buying, owning, and managing physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as power, storage and database computing, as needed by the provider.

The advantage

Cloud gives easy access to a variety of technologies so you can innovate faster and make whatever you dream of. You can quickly provide resources when you need them – from infrastructure services, such as computing, storage and databases, to the Internet of Things, machine learning, data lakes and analytics, and much more.

You can implement technology services in minutes, and realize an order of magnitude faster than before. That way, you can experiment freely, test new ideas to get a different customer experience, and change your business.


With cloud computing, you don’t need to provide excessive resources in the beginning to cope with increased business activity in the future. You can provide the amount of resources that suits your needs. You can increase or decrease the scale of resources to increase or decrease capacity instantly according to changing needs of your business.

The interesting thing about cloud is in Conventional Hearing Server

Physically in the form of a collection of hardware / servers that are connected in a network (LAN / WAN). But from the side, users can see as a large computer.

There is no limit to the processor capacity, hard drive capacity and memory capacity. There is no limit to the number of “hosting” servers that run behind it. Adding a “hosting” only takes a few minutes.

If there is a lack of resources (resources), be it processor, hard disk or memory, we can easily add additional servers and can directly integrate into the cloud network. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare an empty / new server to be able to integrate into the cloud network.

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