Third Party Maintenance by Netdata

Maximizes ROI while extending device lifespan based on your IT budget for Third Party Maintenance

Why use Netdata Third Party Maintenance

Maximizing ROI from IT budget. We can help maintain the device until you get the most value from the device.

Extends the life of the device used according to the budget owned.

When faced with a limited budget, it is very important for IT organizations to be able to use the device as long as possible, sometimes far beyond the lifespan of the device.

What is Netdata Third Party Maintenance’s support strategy?

In general, here is the warranty & after warranty support for the lifetime of most IT hardware, judging by OEM and TPM side.

  1. Full support from OEM (0 – 3 years)

Purchase of new devices will get full warranty support from OEM.

  1. Support by OEM & TPM (3 – 6 Years)

In the fifth year, OEMs usually start giving notification regarding the termination of support for these IT devices.

TPM support is available for many brands of servers, storage, and network devices.

  1. TPM Support or Limited Support by OEM (6 – 9 Years)

Support from OEM for the device began to end completely.

TPM support will continue to be available for many brands of servers, storage, and network devices.

  1. Full support from TPM (9 – 12 years) The

device has no support from OEM at all.

TPM support will continue to exist for many brands of servers, storage and networking devices.

What is Netdata Third Party Maintenance’s support strategy?

In more detail, here is a comparative overview as a guide around what types of technology OEM and TPM can support.

For critical corporate areas featuring high-end computing, such as Collaboration, Security, Application Foundations, and Data and Analytics, OEM support is the best choice.

For less critical areas, support from TPM can be a more sensible economic option.

What are the main features of Netdata Third Party Maintenance?

Netdata Maintenance Service (NetCare)

We offer 2 levels of support; Standard and Premium. Standard means support is provided during working hours only. While Premium means full support is provided 24 hours every day, including holidays and holidays.

15 minutes maximum response time.

Supported by expert and certified engineers.

Support for backup units in the form of the same or equivalent device when the main device is damaged.

Advance Hardware Replacement (AHR) Replacement

unit as a way to extend device functionality.

Ensure the network works properly and consistently.

Netdata Support. The Netdata team is always ready to help 24/7 for 365 days to ensure the system is running properly, including:

Telephone support or via remote

Optional support such as onsite service

Support via Helpdesk and Hotline Service 24/7

Monitoring system and data analysis


Is it possible for me to use one service provider?

Yes, of course. Netdata provides support for a wide variety of services.

Does Netdata support subscription based services such as AV, IPS, Firewall push update?

Not. We recommend that you use a new platform or a subscription that is still supported by the Principal.

What is the best strategy for you to support my edge and core devices?

No, not necessarily. For example, the Switch device no longer gets software updates and is perfect for independent support.

Why should I use Netdata support, if the entire network I use is critical and I only trust Principal maintenance support?

Because the value of Netdata lies in your hardware replacement. The parts we provide are quality tested and have a lower failure rate than the manufacturer proves.

What is the best type of hardware using TPM support?

Lifetime status hardware that is no longer supported. Netdata can help extend the life cycle of this hardware.

What is not supported by TPM?

Devices that have subscription-based software, and need to be kept up to date, such as AV, IPS, Firewall

Does the TPM also support new technologies / devices?

Yes. We will always recommend new platforms or regular subscriptions to Principal / OEM support.

Why should I use TPM?

Because we provide a one-stop solution for maintaining your device hassle-free and can help extend the life cycle of this hardware.