Penetration Test Network

Penetration testing in simple terms is a simulation of the process that hackers will use to launch attacks on business networks, installed devices, network applications, or business websites. The purpose of this network simulation is to identify security problems before hackers can find it and exploit it.

Penetration testing identifies and confirms actual security problems and reports the ways in which security problems can be found and exploited by hackers. When done consistently, the penetration testing process will tell your business where weaknesses are in your security model. This ensures that your business can strike a balance between maintaining the best possible network security and ensuring a sustainable business function in terms of possible security exploits. Penetration Test Results can also help your business with better planning in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery.

Although penetration testing simulates the method a hacker will use to attack a network, the difference is that penetration testing is done without malicious intent. For this reason, network professionals must have the appropriate authorization from the organization’s management before continuing to carry out penetration testing on the network. In addition, if the penetration test is not planned properly and the components are lacking, the end result can interfere with business continuity and daily operations.