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Inspur, a leading data center and AI full-stack solutions provider, today revealed its latest Open Computing innovations that continue to advance open computing systems. Offerings include an OCP Cloud Optimized Rack Solution for SAP HAHA workloads. The Inspur NF8260M5 server integrates OCP recognized hardware optimized with 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane persistent memory and is certified for SAP HANA®. Shared open networking solutions with SONiC through two switch offerings will be a new contribution to the OCP community. The recently introduced Inspur OAI (Open Accelerator Infrastructure) UBB system MX1, a 21-inch Full-Rack OAM solution, delivers efficiency, flexibility and management.

OCP Cloud Optimized Rack Solutions

The first high-density cloud-optimized four-socket platform for CSP market, jointly announced by Inspur and Intel at last year’s OCP Global Summit, the Inspur NF8260M5 delivers energy efficiency to enable the highest number of single rack cores while lowering TCO. This cloud optimized solution has been adopted by customers in hyperscale, Fintech Cloud, enterprise and other segments requiring high computing workloads.

This high-density 2U 4-socket Inspur NF8260M5 server is validated for the second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor, optimized with Intel Optane persistent memory, and certified for SAP HANA®.

The Inspur OCP Cloud Optimized Rack Solution for SAP HANA is a fully integrated rack solution combining OCP recognized hardware and validated software to provide database capacity that can be doubled for a lower price. Customers who have multiple SAP HANA older gen nodes, where memory capacity is the limiting factor, can upgrade multiple analytics nodes (scale out) into one consolidated analytics node (scale up) with more In Memory database capacity.

Networking Solutions

Additionally, Inspur has joined the SONiC community and will provide shared open networking solutions with Sonic through two switch offerings, the Inspur SC5630EL 25GE high-density TOR switch and the Inspur SC8661SL 100GE Spine-Leaf switch with interface cards supporting hot swap.

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