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A firewall is a security system for managing and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall functions to prevent unwanted access from or into a network or server.

So, it is a complex tool that can be used to improve the security of computers connected to networks, such as LAN or the Internet. This is also an essential part of a comprehensive security framework for the network you are using. A firewall is able to guarantee security through activating granular control over types of functions. It will also establish system compositions that have access to network resources.

Firewall function

Installation on the server is very important to prevent unwanted things such as data loss, the firewall function on the server is: first to prevent bruteforce login (a method of hacking secret keys by trying secret words randomly) such as cPanel and email logins, by blocking (square) The IP is trying to do a bruteforce login. The second is IP blocking which performs port sweep. and finally, do IP square when there is a hack attempt such as SQL Injection using Module Security (ModSec) on php.

Firewall For Business Needs

In addition to security, this can impact the constraints of access from customer connections to sites that are on the server. Some cases that often occur include errors such as secret word e-mail in customer mail settings such as viewpoints, which have the effect of blocking IP due to repeated logins from customer mails repeatedly. Second, port setting errors, for example port errors in email settings so that it is considered an output port (connecting to a port that is not open) which results in IP blocking. and the last is IP blocking because it violates the ModSec rule. ModSec has many rules as security measures, but in some cases the content used by customers violates one of the ModSec rules, causing the customer’s IP to be blocked by the Firewall.

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