System Integrator

What is a System Integrator?

System Integrator (SI) is the construction of computing systems for companies or individuals by combining hardware and software products from several products. Using a system integrator, companies can adjust to further reduce costs, pre-configure components and applications – additional applications to meet key business objectives, implementation will be adjusted which may require native programming or creation of new application programs

Why do we use it?

The use of SI in the IT world is really needed by the company. How not, this system can help make it easier for a company to communicate with employees only through laptops or office computers. Not only that, by using this one system, the company will get a number of benefits and benefits, including the following:

  • Can improve customer service
  • Save operating costs
  • Reducing the risks that arise in the system
  • Increase sales for business people
  • Reducing manual work for those in business
  • Speed ​​up and protect the supply chain process and business operations
  • Preventing data theft by irresponsible parties
  • Speed ​​up the joining of other companies with your company.