Cloud Network

What is the Cloud Network?

Cloud Network is a processing of computing power (both CPU, RAM, Network Speeds, Software, OS and Storage) through a network (usually via the internet). So the data transfer that occurs is not physical and computing resources that are owned are at the location of users who use their services.

Benefits of Cloud Network

With the increase in the number of computer users and cellular users, data storage has become a priority in almost all fields of business. Large-scale or small-scale businesses are currently highly developed with data at the center. They usually spend large sums of money to maintain this valuable data.

That is why strong IT support is needed with high-performance storage centers. Not all businesses can afford the high cost of in-house IT infrastructure. So for them, Cloud Computing is a good solution because it’s cheaper. There may also be other considerations from companies such as efficiency in storing data, calculations, and lower maintenance costs (this will be discussed in the next section).

Cloud computing actually reduces hardware and software demand from the user’s side. The only thing the user must be able to do / do is the software interface of the cloud computing system, which can be as simple as a web browser. This can certainly help reduce user work with the presence of responsive cloud network technology and automatically solve other IT problems.

If you are not from a corporate / business party, you also actually already use cloud computing technology. You may not be aware, some popular cloud services that have been widely used such as GMail email tools, Hotmail or Yahoo have even been supported by this technology.


Actually, the main advantage of this technology is the potential cost savings. Therefore there are lots of good companies from small to large scale businesses using this cloud service. This cloud computing is also able to provide freedom for users to be able to use services according to their individual needs and pay according to existing usage, so it is more flexible. Without spending a lot of internal resources, you can run IT operations well.

To find out the advantages of this cloud technology, please read the following points:

  • Reducing the cost of IT infrastructure (computers, etc.) for its users
  • Improve performance or work performance
  • Reduce the risk of frequent and expensive treatments because there are rarely problems
  • Get instant updates on existing software
  • Improve compatibility between operating systems used
  • Provide backup / backup and also recovery
  • Increase scalability
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Improve data security