SaaS Load Balance

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS (software as a service or software in the form of services) is a model of delivering software applications by a software vendor that develops web applications that are hosted and operated (both independently and through third parties) for use by their customers via the Internet.

Customers do not spend money to have the software but only to use. Customers use the software through an application programming interface that can be accessed via the web and is often written using web services or REST.

Load Balance

Load Balancing is a technique to distribute traffic loads on two or more connection lines in a balanced way, so that traffic can run optimally, maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overloading on one of the connection lines. Load balancing is used when a server has a number of users that have exceeded the maximum capacity. Load balancing also distributes workload equally across two or more computers, network links, CPUs, hard drives, or other resources, to get optimal utilization of resources.

Mengapa Menggunakan SaaS Load Balance?

There are two reasons why using load balancing:

Response time

The benefit is to increase website access speed when opened. With two or more servers sharing the burden of web traffic, it will be faster because the load is not only on one server.


If our website is running balanced on several servers and one of the servers has problems then we still have another server. The access process was not hampered and the web visitors did not realize that one of the servers was experiencing interference.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Load Balancing:

  • Can evenly distribute work to the main service server.
  • As an entrance to existing services.
  • Minimize down time from service.
  • Speed ​​up service access because it can redirect service requests to servers that choose fast responses.

Weaknesses of Load Balancing:

  • Add costs because it requires two or more servers.
  • If the parent server has a problem, then all virtual systems in it cannot be used.
  • Placement of all data in one server will be the target of a virus attack or even a hacker.