What is AHR?

Advance Hardware Replacement is what people commonly call AHR, a spare parts management service that allows or replacement parts are sent to customers before damaged hardware is sent to the Principal. The main delivery time frame depends on the time of request. The arrival time of the Principal depends on the location of the particular country and / or the related customs delay.

NDS offers a complete set of hardware replacement services to provide cost-effective repair and replacement options for most brand hardware for server and network products. Whatever the requirements and needs, the NDS hardware replacement offer provides the flexibility and convenience to choose the most appropriate spare parts management methodology. Ensuring that networks are always available and operating at peak efficiency has never been more fundamental to success.

Whether you are a partner, small or large company, or network provider, operating regionally or globally, NDS Hardware Replacement Services will suit your needs to ensure consistent network performance and availability.

The Advantage of Using AHR?

  • Upgrade hardware according to your schedule, not by device End Date Support
  • No need to pay in advance for 3 years to get the best price (free up cash flow)
  • Dramatically reduce support costs without compromising service levels
  • NetCare helps reduce downtime with fast technical experts support and flexible hardware coverage provided by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Main Feature

  • Response: 4HR | 8×5 NBD or 24×7\
  • Includes: Replacement of damaged hardware (at the Forward Stocking Location) | Remote technical support.
  • Response time is 15 minutes.
  • Support by certified experts and engineers.
  • Optional: On-site services