Cloud Spend Optimization

Would you like to reduce cloud spend by up to 30%? Our Cloud Spend Optimization service, powered by CloudLogic, goes beyond just using tools to identify cost savings. Most of the tools account for only 3 out of 10 categories of excessive expenditure.

Our assessment process uses a proprietary interactive dashboard that highlights the cost savings generated over time, through focused efforts on:

  • Reviewing the entire cloud architecture and cloud management
  • The right workload (overall location and misallocation)
  • Identifying the workloads that benefit from commitments long-term
  • Identify and eliminate unused resources
  • Develop a transportation strategy to reduce egress costs
  • Implement preferred consumption models
  • Drive accountability with business units
  • Prioritize opportunities based on size, risk and investment

Why We Need Cloud Spend Optimization

Adopt “cloud-first.”

Adopt the cloud to deploy to your existing infrastructure. Please note that it is possible that your old system is not suitable for cloud migration. This is a real problem because you say “cloud first” over and over.

The challenge is if there are different scenarios in terms of cost-benefit analysis so that there is no clear path of action. Cloud cost management solutions offer what-if cost scenarios for decision making.

I have other projects with higher priority than cloud spending.

Not infrequently a company gets a project that is more priority than the cloud. This of course will make the cloud neglected and not optimal.

So today’s cloud spending is sure to mushroom in the future. Then all things that are not known technology trend predictions will be supported by knowing the delivery vehicle is the cloud.

I don’t have the people or the resources.

Not allocating resources indicates that IT is not prepared to take cloud challenges seriously.

You manage your cloud spending in some form or another in the billing of pay-as-you-go, there are real costs to make mistakes.

Cloud spending is completely dependent on provision and usage so you need to need someone to manage these expenses to avoid budget surprises.

My data is not good enough.

Many companies think that they do data cleaning first and then implement cloud cost management and optimization solutions.

This is a mistake which makes tomorrow’s cloud billing status even more confusing. So it would be better done now.

Challenges with Cloud Spend Optimization Management

IT staff cannot have visibility into the total cost of support services and cannot make informed decisions about the most effective use of the public cloud.

This is due to public cloud fees that are not transparent in monthly billing details across multiple accounts and providers, business units and teams.

Business Units Use the Cloud Like Free

Although cloud providers offer samples to identify business goals, tags are often poorly structured and filled in sporadically.

Without mapping public cloud services to business units and applications, the business unit is not responsible for the outlay of the company’s public cloud.