Cloud Consultant

What is Cloud Consultant?

Cloud Consultant is a job that is closely related to computer cloud systems. “Cloud” is a combination of the use of computer technology and Internet-based development, not tied to a specific location, such as a company network or employee desktop computer. Cloud computing can eliminate the need for companies to store copies of programs or materials on their own computers, and allow remote access, so employees can work from different locations. Types of cloud systems include infrastructure (network, data storage, etc.), platforms (hardware and operating systems) and software.
Cloud Consultant starts by examining typical tasks such as asking questions and doing other types of research. Then analyze the data to determine which cloud solution best meets the client’s needs, make recommendations based on the analysis conducted. Cloud Consultant implements the selected cloud system and may be responsible for system adjustments. Therefore, consultants must be experienced in existing cloud products and create and modify programming code.

Why are we using it?

Netdata has expertise in the design and implementation of private and hybrid cloud environments using new or existing infrastructure. Our team can help you choose the right cloud operating system and platform, including open source and proprietary solutions, and use cloud solutions that meet your project time schedule and budget requirements. We will ensure that your cloud is elastic and can be developed for maximum efficiency and return on investment.
Organizations must maintain visibility and control workload across public and private cloud services to ensure performance. Netdata has partnered with industry leaders to provide the best cloud management tools.
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