Cloud Backup

Have you ever wondered how much data and information your company generates for Cloud Backup Management?

How does your company manage so much data to keep it safe and protected from various unwanted risks?

The most appropriate answer is to back up the data so that the company still has valuable data in the worst conditions such as natural disasters.

Manually backing up data on a local computer or server is not the main option. Because large companies do not want to carry out a large enough risk, especially with high maintenance costs.

Risks such as being exposed to viruses and malware can compromise data now increasingly occurring on internal hardware.

Therefore, a solution is needed to overcome these problems, especially for modern companies that have switched to online data backup methods or use cloud backup solutions.

What is Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Management is a method of backing up data using a storage area on a cloud server. This cloud backup uses virtual storage, not physical hardware.

The advantage of using cloud backup is that it is easy to increase cloud storage capacity, easy to move and copy data, backups that can be scheduled and automated, data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and via any media.

Cloud backup has the best security system and is also equipped with the latest and most sophisticated anti-virus applications.

Backup data using the cloud also minimizes the risk of damage to your local storage device being damaged.

The process of backing up data is long and is also prone to errors during data transfer, is not equipped with the latest anti-virus, and also backups that are not automatically scheduled and can be performed regularly.

Why You Need a Cloud Backup Service

The benefits of an important cloud backup service are as follows:

Accurate Data Protection

Compared to physical data storage devices such as hard drives or SDS. Cloud Backup Management tend to be safer with less risk.

If your hard disk suddenly cannot be read by a computer device especially on the hard drive there are all important company data.

Of course this will hamper or even stop your business operations. Because only using a computer to store data has a very high security risk, especially because there are many threats from malware viruses that can damage your computer.

But having a strong data center infrastructure so that it can provide better security for your data storage.

In addition, you also don’t have to worry about whether the data can be accessed or not, as long as there is internet, your data will remain safe and can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere.

High Flexibility and Scalability

Another reason why Cloud Backup Management is perfect for small and medium businesses is its flexibility and scalability.

Because generally these SMEs often make changes to their business on a large scale.

With cloud backup, your needs related to data storage, which often changes, will be fulfilled.

Whether you need to scale up or scale down, you can adjust it according to your needs at a low cost. 

Fast Implementation

Time to become one of the most important resources in the development of an SME business.

Using hardware for data storage will take time, especially if you have a lot of corporate data. 

You can save time by using cloud backups so you can get started quickly.

Even if you switch from an older backup system, it won’t save you huge waiting times in the transition period.

Save on Expenditure Costs

SME businesses are usually required to save costs as tightly as possible, especially for now, which is still the beginning of your starting business. Because the financial condition is still unstable.

In addition, a data storage system is still needed because you will depend on data to make important decisions.

Compared to you making your own data center, it will require a lot of money. So that with this Cloud Backup Management solution it will be much more economical.

And also most of these cloud backup service providers implement a “pay as you go” system, which means you only need to pay according to the amount of storage you use.

In the future you can reduce the cloud backup capacity, which you can adjust at the price.

How to Use Cloud Backup

Over time, the world of cloud server technology in various industries and companies has started to migrate.

Even though in theory the cloud system is more efficient in terms of cost than the use of architecture and physical management, this can be wasteful when we manage it ourselves, that’s why managed service is offered as a solution.

The process of storing information to a cloud storage area can be concluded by sending a copy to a cloud facility provider or hosting via an internet network. 

Furthermore, the server will give you additional access to download or run the change when you want to open your data. 

Usually this cloud storage facility does not only rely on one server. Most applications for cloud storage don’t have to run the installation because they are already installed on the internet, for example, Google Drive. 

You only need to prepare an internet connection and trigger an account to be able to use Google Drive. 

As we all know that Google Drive was brought by one of the big companies, namely Google Inc., then the one who acts as a server is Google itself.

 Why do we use cloud backup?

Here are the reasons we use cloud backup for business people:

Helping You Focus More on Business

In Cloud Backup Management solutions, companies don’t need physical hardware to store data again, but instead take advantage of cloud servers owned by other vendors such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service. 

The technology giant provides millions of more powerful servers located around the world to ensure our data and information is always safe, protected and trusted.

So that companies do not have to think again about system maintenance, hardware and software which are usually run regularly because the vendor will take care of the infrastructure. 

The company just needs to accept the data and information that has the required value anytime, anywhere, use any device along with an internet connection. 

So that the usually divided focus on managing IT infrastructure can now be used to focus on business systems. Very flexible, right?

More Guaranteed Data Security

As a vendor that you trust to accommodate all of your company’s important data, it is certainly not arbitrary to manage it.

Professional vendors such as NetData are ensured to have international standard security certificates to ensure optimal security and protection of company data.

This is the biggest reason why many modern companies prefer cloud backups over traditional backups. 

The amount of maintenance costs and fitting that are drained just to confirm that your on-premise system is optimal in producing information can now be significantly reduced using cloud backup facilities.

Beneficial from an Economic and Operational Aspect

In an economic and operational perspective, it is clearly more economical because it implements Pay as you use or the amount of costs incurred based on the capacity you use.

So you don’t have to pay the same amount each month for facilities that you don’t use, so you can anticipate expenses more efficiently.

It is clear that cloud backup services are more economical and efficient than the usual on premises.

More Flexible Access to Information

One of the main functions derived from cloud technology is the power to connect information quickly and easily anytime, anywhere when it is needed to function various devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, and PCs. 

Of course this can be too useful for companies, both small scale companies and multinational to international scale companies. 

Convenience and Ease of Data Recovery

If you accidentally delete important data, don’t worry because there is a data recovery feature available in cloud backup services.

You can arrange this data backup with a schedule that you set yourself, for example in hours, daily, weekly, up to the time you need it.

In choosing this service you shouldn’t be arbitrary, make sure that the provider you choose does have a clear experience and has a complete variety of cloud services such as NetData.