Inspur NE5260M5

Flexible and intelligent servers optimized for safe and reliable operation, in edge environments, including MEC, 5G / IOT, AR / VR.

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Inspur NE5260M5 – Smart and flexible servers optimized for safe and reliable operation , in edge environments, including MEC, 5G / IOT, AR / VR.

Key Features

A single CPU supports six channels and eight DDR4 DIMM slots with speeds up to 2933MHz.

The first Inspur server to support OptaneTM PMem for increased performance, efficiency and stability.

Supports up to 6 + 2 NVMe SSD hard drives, providing lower latency and better storage access performance with greater capacity.

Designed with full balancing NUMA for higher processing performance.

  • Supports 6 PCIe 3.0 slots.
  • Supports 2 PCIe x16 + 4 PCIe x8 or 4 PCIe x16.
  • Supports up to 2 dual-width PCIe x16 GPUs at TDP 300W, or 4 GPU FeHL PCIe x16 cards at TDP75W.

Compatible with wall-mount configurations, the server can be rack-mounted or wall-mounted to suit any mounting environment.

With a chassis depth of only 430mm, this space-saving server is almost 1/3 shorter than other general purpose servers.

Able to operate at temperatures between 0 ℃ long term ~ 45 ℃, short term -5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, and humidity levels between 5% ~ 90%.

Electromagnetically compatible, dustproof, corrosion-resistant and shock-resistant Class A ensures compliance with telecommunications standards.

Advanced 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable

The processor supports the latest x86 vector instruction set (AVX512 VNNI), enabling the server to accelerate deep computations and convolutional neural network-based algorithms.

Supports up to two dual-width or four-width AI accelerator cards, NVIDIA V100 / T4 GPU and FPGA cards with the same capabilities, as well as mixed deployments for flexible solutions for AI applications.

Modular design for front end operation and ease of service, allowing simplified and more efficient server operation and maintenance.

Front I / O design with hot and cold air duct insulation for greater thermal efficiency in the data center.