Rack Server

Rack is a rack that is specifically designed to place and arrange server placements that are used for smooth networks, including HUB, Switch, and Computer. Rack is indeed English, but the principle is the same as ‘rack’ in Indonesian.

Rack system is a tool that is specifically designed as a server placement or also used as network network equipment, including server computers and switches. The main benefit is as a space or a place that is more efficient and becomes easier maintenance equipment.

In a single shelf there are several shelves stacked on top. Other network resources are also consolidated thereby reducing floor space as needed. Configuration is also useful for simplifying cabling between other network components.

In addition, in a rack equipment is also filled with servers, a special cooling system is used to prevent overheating. The reason is if there is a lot of excessive heat there will be a lot of wasted component power. Given the small space has limited power. One example of the benefits of using a rack for servers is that it is used in the business scope.

Talking about rack server many people think of a rack for servers as a large computer room for miles with complete computer equipment.

For example: When the company starts to grow to the point where it has several small servers around the office with multiple fans on a permanent basis then rack mount cabinets are the right choice. Closed cabinets are best used for office environments because closed cabinets keep sound from entering, computer interference so network equipment and computers can be locked and protected from intentional or unintentional malicious action.

Types of Server Rack

Generally used by institutions that use different server functions on one rack, such as Web Servers, Database Servers, and so on. In general, server racks are divided into 3 types such as: Closed Shelf, Open Rack and Wallmount Rack.