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OEM Rack

OEM Rack server is a device used to put servers and other supporting devices such as routers, switches and others. The goal is to make maintenance easy and easy if we have additional devices and servers that also look neat.

Server Rack Specifications

Rack server has a unit of U. 1U means 44.45 mm and if you want to buy this product then generally the seller will ask for the size in units of U. In the rack server there is a FAN / fan that functions for cooling to your devices and also in the rack server already there are electrical sockets that are often called PDUs.

Rack server has several types, including the following:

Wallmount Rack

Wallmount OEM Rack is a server rack that is placed on a wall, and its size is small ranging from 4U to 15U but generally the 8U is often used, adjusting your needs.

Close Rack / Standing Rack

Close rack is a rack server that is similar to our cabinets at home and this type of rack is the most expensive among the other types of rack

Open rack

Open OEM Rack is a very simple form, open rack only has a place to put servers and other devices because its position is open and open rack is the cheapest among other rack types.

Each manufacturer has its own specifications in creating their products with the aim of being the best. What is clear is the standard rack server width is 19 inches. The use of racks for servers is obviously very important. Besides being able to secure the server from various types of hazards such as shocks. The use of this server rack is also able to add neatness and is also easy when you are going to do maintenance or adding servers.

OEM Rack

OEM Rack

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