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Falco offers pre-sales technical and marketing support through our experienced sales force. Therefore to maintain our reputation for customer service that is very well known in the access control industry, our Service and Engineering Support Team strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our team of Technical Support specialists are experts in the fields of electronics, networking, database administration and other IT-related applications.

Our presence in Indonesia is to strengthen and ensure that users of Falco products can be served more precisely and faster. And we do not serve installation requests and price quotes from / to endusers directly.

Falco Controller Product Details

Detail Produk Partner Falco Indonesia berdedikasi untuk mencapai kepemimpinan dalam kepuasan pelanggan dengan menyediakan pemenuhan pesanan dan dukungan kelas dunia dengan solusi internet dan bisnis untuk pelanggan, mitra, dan tim penjualan kami. Dengan lebih dari 5.000 sistem diimplementasikan di Asia.

Access Control

Barrier Gate

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