OEM Cabling

OEM Cabling is a broad term for a company that manufactures complete equipment and core components. As a leading supplier of cables for industrial and manufacturing applications, Our OEM Cabling supports applications in industrial automation, data transmission and switchgear.

We appreciate that an OEM Cable can have proprietary equipment that may require bespoke cables – in that we can offer cables that are specially designed and manufactured to meet specific performance requirements. Customization can be extended to any part of the cable construction while ensuring compliance with relevant national or industry standards.

Cable Control and Monitoring Speeding

and controlling actions strike the ideal balance between optimizing production. Our range of SY, CY, YY cables for control, Servo cables, and BUS cables for network protocols and industrial ethernet can connect equipment and transmit signals – essential in automated production. We design and manufacture OEM flat flexible cables based on customer requirements.

Best OEM Cabling Solutions

Recognizing the quality and cost efficiency challenges faced by OEMs whose products tend to be unbranded and integral to other companies’ end products or systems, we work closely with our customers to develop competitive OEM cable solutions based on innovative technical support with cable and accessory specifications . Our OEM cable solutions often cover logistical aspects such as buffer stock, on-time delivery and cut-to-length service for cables that carry a variety of approvals, including BASEC, UL and CSA.

Our technical engineers and logistics team understand the OEM industry requirements to continuously improve efficiency while also reducing complexity and risk. As a trusted OEM cable supplier, Eland Cables’ goal is to provide innovative solutions that make a real impact on supply chains around the world.

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