Open Network

Ask someone, or search for, a definition of Open Network and you will get various answers. It’s one of those “obvious” terms everyone understands; but when you dig, everyone understands differently.

The narrowest definition will focus on Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow enabled solutions. But is that all there is?

Another definition would focus on interoperability and the ability to replace one component for another on your platform. But anyone who has worked on solutions integration even for a while understands that the realities of interoperability and component replacement are far from aspirational.

Here at NetData, we have a much more holistic and inclusive definition of how you build and manage high-performance, high-quality, high-value computing systems in the 21st century.

In NetData, we believe in a suite of concepts, practices and tools for the realization and management of extremely high-performance, high-quality, high-value computing systems. At this time, Open Networking is enabled by: Open Source Software, Open Network Devices, Open Hardware Count, Software Created Networks. Virtualization of Network Functions, Cloud Computing, Automation, Agile Methods & Processes.

It is a much broader definition of the other Open Network, but it is one that does not create more solution silos or bend solution outcomes to keyword trends or one or more competing technologies. There is a need for a comprehensive and inclusive definition of the Network that produces the best results. For that, entrust your Open Network needs to those who are experienced.

These technologies represent a transition from hardware-based, function-specific and proprietary networks and computing components to a more general and simpler combination of hardware and functionality-significance migration to software. To dispel Marc Andressen’s famous comment, you could say that “Software eats up the network”.

Trust your Open Network needs us!