Switch is a type of computer network component that is used to connect several HUBs in forming a larger computer network or connecting computers that have a need for a large enough transmission capacity.

Some of the functions of this tool are as traffic management on a computer network, this tool is in charge of how to send packets of information to get to their destination with the right device, this tool is also tasked with finding the most good and ideal path and ensuring the delivery of packet information to an efficient destination.

How it Works Switch

Switch is a computer network equipment (hardware) that is the same as a HUB, the difference is this thing is smarter even though the price is a little more expensive than HUB. The way this tool works is by receiving information packets on a port then it will see the MAC (Media Access Control) destination and build a logical connection with a port that is already connected to the hub or destination device, so that other than the destination port it cannot receive the packet information. sent and will reduce the occurrence of information collisions or what is called a crash.

Every device connected to a specific port, the MAC add user will be recorded in the MAC address table which will be stored in the switch cache memory, that’s how this tool works.


Broadly speaking, a function The switch is a concentrator on a computer network with a Star topology, but actually this hardware itself has a main function that is much more complex than just a concentrator. The first is as Address Learning. Second is to forward / filter the Data Frame. The third is Circling Avoidance, this function is useful when the information received is not recognized for its purpose, this is usually caused by an error when connecting the cable to the ports of this device.