Ruijie Indonesia RG-RSR30-X Router

Ruijie Indonesia RG-RSR30-X Router

The RG-RSR30-X router is readily available to adapt to a variety of deployment environments.
Ruijie Indonesia RG-RSR30-X Router Series supports business operations and network construction with featured innovative designs, high availability, high performance, multiservice, strong security, hot swapping and hot standby features, effectively enhancing network values ​​while minimizing network . construction costs.

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Ruijie indonesia RG-RSR30-X Series pushes the scale limits of router design according to user requirements to minimize user investment.
The RG-RSR30-X-SPU10 V1.5 router offers 9 fixed 1000BASE-T ports and 8 1000BASE-X ports to meet the requirements of customer scenarios. This series guarantees the user a highly reliable and stable performance.
The RG-RSR30-X series fully supports Ruijie VCPU, REF, and X-Flow technologies to provide complete protection against traffic attacks and multiservice deployments with advanced QoS. Supported by scalability and robust configurations, the RG-RSR30-X supports many interfaces and built-in multi-service features. Built-in with a suite of integrated multiservice features that include BGP, IPsec, H-QoS and multicasting, the RG-RSR30-X Router is readily available to adapt to various deployment environments.
Ruijie Indonesia RG-RSR30-X Router The series supports business operations and network construction with featured innovative designs, high availability, high performance, multiservice, strong security, hot swapping and hot standby features, effectively increasing network values ​​while minimizing network. construction costs.

RG-RSR30-X Series Flexible and Full-Service Routers

NAT is high-performance and fully redundant design, ensuring stable and reliable service

Integrated switching, routing, VPN, and full service convergence and security functions,
providing highly simplified network O&M

High Efficiency and Reliability High Performance, Security, and Reliability

High performance NAT, applicable to several scenarios

Comprehensive guarantee to run reliable services

Ultra-simplified Convergence Integrated Design and Full-service Guarantee

Integrated routing, switching, security, and VPN functions, simplifying network
deployment, management and maintenance

Support for embedded full service and the convergence of various service
requirements to fully ensure service development

Highly simplified VPN solution for easy VPN deployment



Fixed Ports USB2.0 port
USB-Console port1 console port
FUNC port9 GE ports, including 8 combo ports1 SD card slot
Flash 512MB
Memory 2GB
Packet Forwarding Rate 3Mpps
LAN Protocol Ethernet, Proxy ARP, speed limit at ports
Routing Protocol Static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, PBR, BGP4, IS-ISv4
IP Application DHCP, DNS Client & Server, NTP Client & Server, uRPF, TFTP+FTP (LM), IP Accounting, ECMP, IPFIX
QoS CAR, GTS, congestion management
Network Security AAA Local user, Radius, TACACS+
SSH SSH v1.5, SSH v2.0
Firewall Packet filtering, state detection, URL filtering
NAT Support
GRE Support
IPIP Support
IPsec Support
ACL Standard ACL, extended ACL
IPsec IPsec Tunnel 150

IPsec one-way forwarding capacity (AES256)

High Availability VRRP, DLDP, BFD
Management SNMP v1/v2c/v3, syslog, RMON, USB, SD
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 440×435×44
Rack Height 1U
Weight (Maximum) 7.8kg
MTBF > 437,864 hours
Power Consumption <60W
Input Voltage 100VAC~240VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Power Redundancy Support
Temperature Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Humidity Operating humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Features of the RSR30-X Router:

  • Flexible Router and Complete Service
    • NAT is high-performance and fully redundant design, ensuring stable and reliable service
    • Integrated switching, routing, VPN, and full service convergence and security functions, providing a very simplified network O&M
  • Highly simplified convergence, Integrated Design and Full Service Guarantee
    • Integrated routing, switching, security and VPN functions, simplifying network deployment, management and maintenance
    • Support for embedded complete services and the convergence of various service requirements to fully ensure service development
  • High-performance convergence and Ultimate Service Experience
    • Leading performance, meeting the requirements of an exit scenario with 2,000 clients
    • 500-channel encryption and convergence, meeting the requirements for continuous and expandable VPN convergence

Advanced Hardware Processing Technologies

With an industry-leading non-blocking switching architecture and multi-core processor, the RG-RSR30-X Series adopts the unique VCPU and Ruijie multithreading technology to achieve isolation of the data forward plane and protocol control plane, as well as load balance between cores. Additionally, it allows on-demand resource allocation for processing cores. As the device processes control protocols and packets, the system can allocate more resources to their respective processing cores. In terms of handling increased packet forwarding payload, the associated processing cores can be allocated with more resources to complete the task. The series thus realizes easy resource management and control.

The series supports CPU plane control protection, packet distribution and multi-level and QoS mechanisms. It also supports management of customized package policies on the CPU.

Reliable Operating System

The RG-RSR30-X Router Series adopts a reliable and stable RGOS operating system featuring complete modularization, openness and strong security.

Complete modularization: The greatest advantage of the modular operating system lies in the independence of each of the different features and processing systems to ensure mutual failure isolation, significantly improving system stability. In addition, complete modularization improves the development and testing efficiency of new features without affecting existing ones thereby accelerating the development of new features and technologies.

Open systems: The Hardware Abstraction Layer of RGOS allows connection with different devices via their respective hardware drivers. Today, the RGOS operating system is integrated with all Ruijie routers and switches, and this integration will extend to wireless, storage, security and other product lines. RGOS also features POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface), which is an international standard interface that allows the core of the operating system to transmit and communicate with various POSIX-compliant modules.

Strong security: ruijie indonesia RGOS guarantees network security from operating systems terminated by various technologies. Such as including RGOS traffic management, protection against installation. This technology promotes stable operation in complex scenarios.

Built-in High-Performance Service Features

Features such as NAT, BGP, IPsec, H-QoS and multicasting are available. Users do not need to purchase additional software licenses or service modules, maximizing cost savings.

This series supports built-in flow visualization. ruijie indonesia with international standard Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) technology and sampling up to 1: 1, this series achieves 24/7 network traffic monitoring to timely find abnormal traffic and risk of failure, ensuring network health and reliable operation. By adopting Ruijie’s patented X-Flow technology, the Series can perform traffic sampling without affecting router performance.

VPN features such as IPsec, GRE and L2TP are ready to facilitate the construction of a corporate mobile broadband private network using 3G / 4G. This series provides strong processing capacity.

With flexible, high-performance QoS, the Series achieves enhanced network traffic management and control. It offers queuing scheduling, congestion avoidance, congestion management, traffic monitoring, traffic shaping, priority labeling, etc. This series precisely guarantees the bandwidth, latency, jitter, and packet loss rates of various services. It fills the “service partition” for various users and services. The series also supports up to 5 levels of H-QoS features for uplink and downlink, enabling high-performance QoS deployment and centralized management.

Highly Efficient Distributive Forwarding Technology

This series adopts the unique Indonesian Ruijie REF, a high-speed packet forwarding technology. High speed forwarding tables can be created before packet forwarding. The system can therefore directly process table-based packet forwarding. This avoids going through the data link and network layer to improve forwarding efficiency.

Through X-Flow technology, forwarding performance will be basically unaffected even when services such as QoS, ACL, NAT and PBR are enabled in the processing plane.

Strong Routing Processing Capabilities

IPv4 statistical routing and various routing protocols are supported to meet different network requirements. In addition, this Series enables policy routing features that can set flexibility and send network traffic to meet the routing demands of the financial industry, government, enterprises, etc.

X-Flow’s advanced and fast forwarding technology together with leading features like GR, FRR and BFD enhance the convergence link of traditional routing protocols to achieve fast convergence of large-scale networks.

Carrier-class Reliability

Modular software design: Ruijie Indonesia adopts a fully modular design to significantly decrease the coupling correlation of each functional module and improve software stability.

Wide selection of backup mechanisms: supports Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) and integrated with Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD / DLDP) to implement VRRP switching. In addition, link backup and route backup are supported.

Integrated RGOS operating system: All RSR series routers use the same RGOS operating system for easy maintenance.

Simplified VPN Deployment and Management

This series adopts Ruijie’s unique VPN solution to achieve a centralized VPN configuration. It allows zero configuration for access, configuration of VPN differentiation, and auto-negotiation deployments. The solution therefore supports large branch VPN deployments with centralized remote maintenance.

High-performance Convergence and
Supreme Service Experience

Leading performance, meets the requirements of exit scenarios with 500 STA encryption and convergence of 500 channels, meets the requirements for continuous and extensible VPN convergence
  • NAT Performance

  • VPN Convergence

  • Encryption Performance

Multi-security Protection for Data Security and Reliability

Abundant Security Features, enabling URL filtering, packet filtering, status detection, and attack prevention

Integrated Routing, Switching, Security, and VPN

Integrated tools to simplify network deployment, management and maintenance.

Single device to meet routing, switching and security
requirements Efficiently reduce SPOF, meeting new requirements in industries such as finance,
government, medicine and education

Multi-core Platform to Ensure Full-service Convergence

RSR30-X uses a multi-core platform and supports full service processing.

All service functions are implemented by software. Functions can be added flexibly based on the terms of service.

The fees for some service cards and licenses are kept.

X-Flow technology ensures there is no loss of performance from additional services

Unified VPN configuration for access devices

Access devices with zero configuration

Distinguished VPN configuration for automatic and dynamic negotiation and deployment

Fast VPN installation for large branches and remote centralized maintenance



RG-RSR30-X Router Series

RG-RSR30-X-SPU10 V1.5

RG-RSR30-X-SPU10 V1.5 Master control and forward are combined type chassis. Support dual power supply(need to be purchased separately), Fixed 9 GE ports (8 combo ports and 1 ethernet port)

(do not support RG-RSR30-X Series line card box)

Power Module

M5000E-AC60 (router)

RG-RSR30-X Router Series AC power module (router dedicated)


RG-RSR30-X Router Series DC power module