Ruijie Wireless Product Overview

Ruijie Wireless Product Overview

Ruijie Wireless Product Overview – Ruijie Networks formed an independent wireless product department in 2002 as its entry into the WLAN market starting in 2000.

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Ruijie Wireless Product Overview – Ruijie Networks established an independent wireless product department in 2002 with its entry into the WLAN market starting in 2000. In 2007, Ruijie established a comprehensive wireless product line. In 2015, Ruijie officially established the Wireless Products Division. 16 years of technical development and business evolution attest to Ruijie’s seriousness in independent R&D and the desire to keep going with innovation.

Supported by a team of hundreds of personnel and 117 patents with hundreds currently in the application process. Ruijie manages to achieve maximum research and development of products from AP to AC, from software to hardware and from management to applications.

Based on industry scenarios and deeply involved with the most worrisome user problems, Ruijie strives to become the industry-leading scenario-oriented Wi-Fi solution provider with large capacities in robbing the business world of network problems, and gaining top positions in market share supported by products that are unmatched and strong.

Ruijie makes the best of Wi-Fi deployments across higher education, public education, medical services, government, transportation, commerce and hotels, and is rapidly developing to bring smart lives to public Wi-Fi users in this connected world.

The patented technology of the X-Sense Smart Antenna, the i-Share Solution aimed at high density and complex applications, and the Immaculate Mobile Medical Solution drive the industry with high mobility and the best in innovation. Therefore, Ruijie became a provider of innovative and user-centric Wi-Fi solutions.

With a wireless network market base, Ruijie is a formidable market force across the education, transportation, medical services and financial sectors. According to a 2015 report released by the market research authority International Data Corporation. In 2015, Ruijie was awarded with Best Market Performance in WLAN from Communications World Weekly.

2015 Most Recommended Product Award by Zhongguangcun and Wireless Network Solutions Innovative Award by ZDNet. This product is a reference for the Chinese wireless enterprise network market. The recognition gained from industry and customers serves as a great momentum for us to move forward. We evolved to remove any bottlenecks to business performance to create future superior user experiences.