Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller

Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller

Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller – The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High Performance Wireless Controller is designed to support the next generation of high speed wireless networks. The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High Performance Wireless Controller can be used on a Layer 2 or Layer 3 network to communicate with an access point (AP) without network changes. The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High Performance Wireless Controller can manage up to 128 wireless APs by default and a maximum capacity of 3200 wireless APs with license upgrade.

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Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller is designed to support the next generation of high-speed wireless networks. Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can be used on Layer 2 or Layer 3 networks to communicate with access points (APs) without network changes. Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can set up up to 128 wireless APs by default and a maximum capacity of 3200 wireless APs with license upgrade.

Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller enables centralized control and AP management, providing high transparency and visibility. With Ruijie’s leading management platform, Smart Network Commander (SNC) and wireless AP, the Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High Performance Wireless Controller can flexibly manage AP configuration and optimize radio frequency (RF) range to improve wireless network performance and reduce deployment workloads in the same time.

Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller enables role-based network services with the latest technology and clustering technology. Ruijie Jakarta’s technology breaks down into wireless user database sharing among multiple controllers and allows users to seamlessly explore different areas of the network. Ruijie Jakarta RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller thus delivers uninterrupted wireless voice communication with superior security and availability. And ruijie jakarta distributors provide high-performance Wireless Controller devices.

Smart Wireless Experience

● Smart Device Smart Identification

RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller with built-in portal server intelligently identifies smart device types. According to the device features, the wireless controller serves a portal authentication page with the appropriate page size and layout. Smart device smart identification eliminates screen size adjustment problems and offers a better wireless user experience. This technology supports all major operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.

● Fair Scheduling

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller collaborates with Ruijie APs to offer equal access times for smart devices running different standards such as 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, etc. This feature solves problems such as high latency and low network speed caused by using an old wireless LAN card far from the AP. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller ensures a fair high-speed wireless network for all users with any device anywhere and anytime.

Fair Scheduling Mechanism

● Smart Load Balancing

In high density wireless LAN, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller works together with Ruijie APs to intelligently distribute users between different APs according to the number of users and data traffic in real time. This feature balances the load pressure on each AP and increases average bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), offering higher network availability. Apart from the role-based and traffic balancing features, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also enables load balancing in terms of frequency range. Because most WiFi devices use 2.4GHz by default while frequencies above 5GHz (802.11a / n / ac) can offer better throughput performance. With frequency based load balancing, Wireless Controller allows users with dual-band devices to connect to 5GHz as a first priority. Bandwidth usage is greatly increased by 30-40% at no additional cost. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller therefore delivers best-in-class high-speed wireless performance to Ruijie clients.

Intelligent Load Balancing Mechanism

High Performance and Reliability

● Centralized or Distributed Intelligent Switching

The RG-WS6816 High Performance Wireless Controller can be used at Layer 2 or Layer 3 level without modifying the original network architecture as it establishes an integrated switching architecture with a wireless AP. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller provides easy management of data switching for all APs.

With industry-leading local forwarding technology, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller removes the traditional Wireless Controller traffic barrier. Local forwarding technology enables flexible deployment of data forwarding within APs. This means that the AP can determine whether to forward all data via the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller according to the user’s Service Set ID (SSID) or VLAN, or to send data directly to the wired network for data communication. Local forwarding technology enables large-scale, delay-sensitive, real-time data transmission over wired networks. With high 802.11ac throughput, it greatly reduces traffic pressure on the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller.

● Smart RF Management

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller allows the AP to perform RF scanning in the wireless network as required. APs can scan frequency bands and wireless channels to identify malicious APs and networks. The AP will send a warning notification to the network administrator for action as soon as it is discovered, providing round-the-clock network protection. In addition, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can control the real-time RF scanning function of the AP to measure signal intensity and interference. The Wireless Controller software also dynamically adjusts traffic load, power, RF range and channel allocation for maximized signal coverage and capacity.

● Seamless Roaming Experience

Advanced clustering technology enables real-time synchronization of online information and roaming records of all users among multiple RG-WS6816 Wireless Controllers. Simply put, user data and authentication are shared in clusters which allow wireless users to roam freely across the network. Thus, users can enjoy a seamless and secure roaming experience with the IP address and authentication status remaining unchanged. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also achieves fast roaming and voice services with clustering technology.

● Abundant QoS Policy

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports various QoS policies. For example, the Wireless Controller can set bandwidth limits to give higher priority to critical data transmission applications. The Wireless Controller therefore provides guaranteed bandwidth performance for networks of all sizes.

● IPv6 Wireless Access

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully supports all IPv6 features and implements IPv6 forwarding on the wireless network. IPv4 and IPv6 users can automatically connect to the wireless controller series via the tunnel, enabling IPv6 applications to be covered by the wireless network.

Flexible and Comprehensive Security Policy

● Local Authentication

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller has a local user database, which offers seamless integration with the built-in portal server, for easy local authentication for wireless users via web authentication. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller enables local authentication based on actual user requests, saving costs by eliminating devices such as external portals and RADIUS servers. The network infrastructure is also greatly simplified. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully meets the needs of small and medium networks for secure user access.

● Encryption of User Data

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully supports advanced encryption technologies such as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), ensuring the security of end-to-end data transmission over wireless networks.

● Standard Communication Protocols

Encrypted communication between the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller and the AP is enabled with international standard Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP). This function ensures total isolation from the wired network and ensures high security for real-time communication between the Wireless Controller and the AP. CAPWAP also enables future deployment of third-party access points, offering superior scalability, availability, and maximizing user investment at the same time.

● Virtual Wireless Packet Technology

With virtual AP technology, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can partition multiple SSIDs in a network. Network administrators can separately encrypt and isolate subnets or VLANs that share the same SSID. Deployment thus allows a defined authentication mode and encryption mechanism for each SSID.

● RF Security

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports the RF probe scanning feature to detect unauthorized access points or other sources of RF interference. Once detected, the Wireless Controller will send real-time alerts to the network management system. This provides easy management for network administrators to monitor potential threats and usage status.

● Protection Against Viruses and Attacks

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller provides various built-in security mechanisms to effectively prevent and control the spread of viruses and network traffic attacks. The mechanism ensures secure network access only by authorized users. These protection mechanisms include IP / MAC / WLAN binding, hardware ACL control, traffic-based bandwidth limitation, etc. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller is the ideal partner for large campuses, hospitals or corporate networks with high security demands for guest network access.

● Secure User Access

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports Web Authentication, allowing users to authenticate using any web browser.

802.1X authentication is another security highlight. The main difference from web authentication is that 802.1X allows IP / MAC / WLAN binding after authentication. This feature fully guarantees the validity of the user’s identity.

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also supports Ruijie RG-SMP (Security Management Platform) to provide insight and control over Ruijie network and security devices. RG-SMP offers comprehensive security management across a wide range of Ruijie security tools and enables users to manage office networks of all sizes for various industries, with security compliance requirements in the aspects of user identity, host health, and network communication security.

● Virtual AP technology

Virtual AP Increases Network Security

In most companies today, it is important to provide Guest WiFi to visitors. However, Guest WiFi may be another entry point for network intrusion whether intended or not.

Ruijie AP Virtualization technology allows virtualization of a physical AP into multiple virtual APs to handle multiple services. Different VAPs can be connected to isolated ACs to ensure the only authorized user access to the right power sources.

With VAP, you can now enjoy the benefits of:

• Isolation of resources

• Flexible authentication

• Minimize RF interference

• Cost effective & safe

With the AP740-I dual GE uplink design, two distinct CAPWAP tunnels that separate employee WiFi and guest WiFi traffic into two distinct physical uplinks further enhance security.

● Virtual AC technology

Virtual AC Allows Centralized Management

Ruijie Network AC Virtualization technology helps to virtualize multiple air conditioners into a single logical air conditioner regardless of module or appliance-based air conditioning. It supports up to 8 hardware AC members in one high availability cluster. AP licenses are distributed from the license pool regardless of the number of ACs in the cluster.

The high availability feature ensures no business downtime if one of the air conditioners fails. Fully automatic failover mechanism and complete in milliseconds, WiFi service resumes immediately in backup air conditioner.

With centralized management and distributed processing capabilities, it increases the scalability and resilience of the entire Wireless Network. Simplified management streamlines IT operations too.

● ARP Spoofing Protection

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) detection effectively protects network users from ARP gateway spoofing and host spoofing for secure wireless access. Automatic binding can be enabled in both dynamic and static IP address allocation environments to greatly save manpower and management costs. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can monitor and control the rate of ARP packets being transmitted to prevent malicious use of scanning tools, which trigger ARP flooding and cause network congestion.

● Damaged AP countermeasures

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller enables effective detection and containment of rogue APs to enhance wireless security. The Wireless Controller sets the active AP to perform rogue detection, send probe packets and hear probe responses from valid APs. Network administrators can therefore easily select a malicious AP from the authorities to ensure the security of the wireless network.

Rogue AP and User Countermeasures

● DHCP security

With Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller enables DHCP response messages only from trusted ports. Wireless Controller can thus prevent unauthorized DHCP server deployment to interfere with the allocation and management of IP addresses and affect the normal operation of the network. With DHCP monitoring function, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can effectively prevent ARP host spoofing and source IP address spoofing in dynamic IP allocation environment by dynamically monitoring ARP and checking source IP address.

● Management Information Security

To ensure device security and offer protection against attacks, Secure Shell (SSH) and SNMPv3 technology encrypts management information by Telnet and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller offers Telnet access control based on the source IP address, offering a high level of granularity in device management. Only IP addresses authorized by the network administrator can log on to the Wireless Controller, further enhancing the security of device network management.

Integrated Network Management

● Multiple Management Protocols and Integrated Management Platform

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports a large number of management modes including Command Line. It offers centralized and efficient planning, deployment, monitoring and management of all APs, with minimized investment costs. Working with Ruijie Smart Network Commander (SNC) which is an all-round network management platform, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller provides enriched network management services such as topology creation, AP operation status, online user status, entire network RF planning, location users, security alerts, link load, device utilization rate, roam logs and report output. These functions allow network administrators to monitor and manage the operation status of the entire network in the data center.

Ruijie SNC Unified Topology Diagram

● Web Interface Management

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports a web management interface for air conditioners, which provides simplified wireless configuration and high visibility for the entire network operation. With the AC web interface, the Wireless Controller can also manage the AP as well as associated users, achieving user bandwidth control and network access restrictions. Network administrators can therefore plan, operate and maintain wireless networks with ease.

Ruijie Smart Web Management Interface

AI-based Cloud Service (WIS) integration

WIS Cloud Smart Services Platform

Ruijie WIS is an intelligent AI-based service designed for optimization of WiFi in the cloud. Integrated with Ruijie AC on-premise hardware helps streamline WiFi deployment planning, delivery testing, and operation diagnosis. With WIS you can:

• Cloud site survey for deployment planning

• Smart mobile application for provision

• Visualize the user experience

• One-click WiFi optimization

• and FREE!

Ruijie MOHO APP for WiFi Testing

As part of the Ruijie WIS solution, Ruijie MOHO is a mobile application designed to perform WiFi testing from your fingertips. Comprehensive testing tools like collaborative test, speed test, multi-point test, etc. Available on the Ruijie MOHO application which can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

One-click WISπ Optimization

Another key feature of Ruijie WIS, WISπ provides one-click optimization using AI-based automatic machine learning correlation based on real-time information collected from your WiFi network. It totally optimizes the entire WiFi network performance by providing the most suitable fine-tuning configuration with just one click.



Service Port

8 1000BASE-T/1000BASE-X ports (combo)
4 10G/1G BASE-X SFP+ ports
Support up to 2 expansion modules, each WNM-4GE-S expansion module supports 4 copper/fiber combo ports or 2 10GE ports

Management Port

1 console port
2 USB ports

1 10/100/1000M MGMT port

Security Standard


EMC Standard

GB9254-2008, CLASS A


Default Number of Manageable APs


Maximum Number of Manageable APs

Regular AP 3200

Wall AP 6400

Flexible expansion by adding licenses

Maximum Number of Configurable APs


Maximum Number of Manageable Clients


802.11 Performance




Maximum Number of Clients Supported by the Built-in Portal




MAC Address Table


Local Authentication

300 wireless clients

ARP Table


IPv6 Neighbor Table


Inter-AC Roaming Switch Time



802.11 LAN Protocol

802.11, 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11d, 802.11h, 802.11w, 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11i, 802.11e, 802.11n


Layer 2/Layer 3 network topology between an AP and AC
Enable an AP to automatically discover an accessible AC
Enable an AP to automatically upgrade software version from an AC
Enable an AP to automatically download configurations from an AC
Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal


Intra-AC roaming
Inter-AC roaming








Local forwarding
Centralized forwarding

Wireless QoS

AP-based bandwidth control
WLAN-based bandwidth control
User-based static and smart speed control
Fair balancing

User Isolation

AC-based user isolation
AP-based user isolation
WLAN-based user isolation


Fast switching between 2 ACs
Multiple ACs redundancy (1:1 A/A and A/S, N:1)
Multiple ACs clustering (N:N)
Remote Intelligent Perception Technology (RIPT)
Nonstop service upgrade

STA Management

AP-based STA access control
SSID-based STA access control
AP-based load balancing
AP traffic-based load balancing
5G priority access
RSSI threshold

STA RSSI Threshold

0 to 100

STA Idle Timeout

60 to 86,400 seconds

STA Average Data Rate Threshold

8 to 261120 with the accuracy of 8Kbps

Adjusting Transmit Power of Beacon and Probe Response


Offline Syslog


RF Management

Setting country codes
Manually setting transmit power
Automatically setting transmit power
Automatically setting working channel
Automatically adjusting transmission rate
Support blackhole compensation
Support RF interference detection and avoidance


IPv4 Security

Web authentication
802.1x authentication
PEAP authentication

IPv6 Security

Web authentication
802.1x authentication



Virtual AP


Virtual AC


802.11 Security and Encryption

Multiple SSIDs
SSID hiding
802.11i-compliant PSK authentication
WPA and WPA2
Protection against ARP spoofing









Internet Protocols

IPv4 Protocol

Ping, Traceroute
DHCP Server
DHCP Client
DHCP Relay
DHCP Snooping
DNS Client
TFTP Server
TFTP Client
FTP Server
FTP Client

IPv6 Protocol

DNSv6 Client
DHCPv6 Relay
DHCPv6 Server
TFTPv6 Client
FTPv6 Server
FTPv6 Client
IPv6 Ping
IPv6 Traceroute
Manual tunnel, automatic tunnel
Manual configuration address, automatic local address

IPv4 Routing

Static routing, OSPF

IPv4 Routing Table Capacity


IPv4 Static Routing Table Capacity


IPv6 Routing

Static routing

IPv6 Routing Table Capacity


IPv6 Static Routing Table Capacity



Network Management

SNMP v1/v2c/v3
Remote probe

Network Management Platform

Web management (Smart-web)
RG-SNC management
Heat Map diagram
RILL management

User Access Management

Login via console port
Login via Telnet
Login via SSH
Upload to FTP

Dimensions (W × D × H) (mm)

440 × 560 × 88.1

Rack Height




Installation Mode

19-inch rack

Power Supply

100VAC to 240VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz

Switching Power Supply

Supports up to 2 PA-300I switching power supply modules with at least 1 power module

Power Consumption



Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 45ºC

Storage Temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC


Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%RH (non-condensing)

Storage Humidity: 5% to 95%RH (non-condensing)

Operating Altitude





Next Generation Wireless Controller, 8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, 8 GE SFP and 4-Port 10G Combo Ports, 2 Expansion Modules, Dual redundancy power supply (1 power supply is included), 128 APs license by default, maximum 3200 APs License or maximum 5000 APs License for Wall AP



WS Series Wireless Controllers upgrade license for 32 APs or 64 Wall APs


WS Series Wireless Controllers upgrade license for 128 APs or 256 Wall APs