Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC500

Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC500

Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC500 – USS-TIC500 Bi-spectral Infrared Temperature Rapid Screening Tool.

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Body Temperature Camera USS-TIC500 – USS-TIC500 Bi-spectral Infrared Temperature Rapid Screening Tool

Dual-spectrum imaging
USS-TIC500 The principle of thermal imaging, without perception, without contact, take a human face and measure the temperature. Thermal : 384 * 288 , Visible 5MP

Detection distance
±0.3°(with black body) 2.5-3.5 meter

Single-IP and dual-channel
Direct view of visible light and thermal imaging at the same time with one IP address, faster and more convenient

Coaxial amplification
The visible light lens is connected to focus to the alarm area when the thermal lens generates an alarm

High-end ,with black body,High accuracy, High quality



Working mode Thermal imaging principle, no perception, no contact, grab human face and measure temperature
Key spec Thermal:384*288,Visible 5MP
Measurement accuracy ± 0.3 ° C (with black body) ,2.5 – 3.5 meter
PC Without PC (CPU I5 or more / memory 8G / nVIDIA independent graphics card, video memory 2G or more. Operating system win10, 64-bit.If you have a laptop, you must have a network port.)
Language English datasheet,English version
Testing Status Accuracy best,Quality best
Advantage High-end,with black body,high accuracy,high quality
Application Enough budget,visitors flow rate. example:government、air port、station、mall、museum。

Function thermal imaging:

  • 384 × 288 resolution, high sensitivity detector
  • Highest temperature cross cursor placement
  • Supports point, line, rectangle and irregular area measurement modes
  • Support human body temperature abnormal alarm function
  • Supports auto capture of moving face targets
  • Support wearing a mask to identify facial areas to avoid false alarms from non-facial high temperature objects

Function Visible light phase:

  • 500W high-definition visible light detector
  • Supports automatic exposure control and auto white balance
  • Support face temperature measurement mode, analyze face target intelligently and measure body temperature, support a
  • variety of alarm relationships
  • Multiple light temperature measurement linkage, can draw regular and superimposed temperature measurement
  • information on visible light image